There Are Two New Phones Built For The Dish Network

dish network

Dish has been hard at work developing its 5G network. It wants to become the fourth major US carrier, and things might be going smoothly. According to Phone Scoop, two phones just passed FCC certification that are built for the Dish network.

Dish wants to be the next major US carrier

Dish is trailing behind a fast-approaching deadline. Right now, it needs to cover at least 20% of the US with its flavor of 5G by mid-June this year. That was a part of the deal when T-Mobile acquired Sprint. Consequently, Dish has been doing a lot of work testing out its network. According to the company, things are actually going well, but we should take that with a grain of salt.

Dish has been testing out its network in Las Vegas which is a good city to test it out in. Not only that, but the company is looking to test out its 5G in other cities in the country. Those cities include Orlando Florida, Prescott Arizona, Salt Lake City Utah, Texas City Texas, and several more.


So far, all we have to go on is word-of-mouth from the company. The tech world is waiting for solid data like data speeds, but that will have to wait until Dish can get some tests underway.

Two new phones are coming to the Dish Network

While there’s not much to go on, we have reports of two new phones that are built for the fledgling network. These new phones just passed FCC certification, as well.

These phones have the model numbers XT2213 and XT2215. Right now, we only know the model numbers, and nothing else. According to FCC listings, however, these seem to be model numbers for Motorola phones as Motorola Mobility is listed as the applicant name. These phones are built to use the 5G band 70.


It’s tough to say if these are phones built for Dish’s network or if these are existing phones but tweaked for Dish’s network. Regardless, if Dish already has a company making phones for its service, that could hint at more partnerships coming down the road.