Mobile Vs Desktop – Testing The Ultimate Online Casino Experience

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As we inch closer to playing on the metaverse (have you heard about it?), gamblers have been playing on mobile and desktop casinos. And that has not been without its share of controversy. Those who gamble on the phone have been fast in stating that their choice of device makes the most sense. After all, it’s accessible at all times. Yet those who gamble on desktops have argued that no device can rival the performance of PCs. So, our question today is: Is any of these gaming options better than the other? If so, what should you choose? Let’s get into it:

Desktop Gaming

When online casinos first emerged, they were only available on desktop devices. People either had to go to land-based casinos or log onto games using their desktops. And who could ignore the convenience that such gaming had availed to gamblers? They could now pore through countless casino reviews, find what they liked, and launch the game. And admittedly, this was the pillar that paved the way for mobile gaming – we can give it that. So, what makes PC gaming still a popular option to date despite the fact that a considerable percentage of gamblers own phones?

The Pros

What makes desktop gaming such a steal?



If you have played in an online casino, playing on your desktop gives you a similar vibe. You can easily find the controls and tweak the game to be much like what you see in the casino. So, that’s a huge plus to anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the game.

Let’s also add that the desktop has a much bigger surface area than a mobile phone. Think about it. Most phones average 6 inches in length. And that’s not much to help you enjoy the game like you would in reality. But with a PC, you have inches and inches available to you. It’s much easier to make out the graphics, which makes the game even more exciting.



Most of those who swear by PC gaming do so for the performance. After all, there’s no denying that PCs are highly responsive. So, the web browsers and software load much faster and better on these devices. It mainly owes to the fact that developers focused on PC gaming when online gaming first became a thing. They are yet to catch up on these strides when it comes to mobile playing. Oh, and let’s add that you can actually buy a gaming PC – one that is specifically designed to meet your gaming needs. Few (if any) smartphones can live up to this standard, and that makes this a win for PCs everywhere.

Simultaneous Gaming


One fantastic fact about land-based casinos is that you can jump from one game to the other almost as fast. But on a mobile device, that’s not feasible. You must close one tab to open the other because the tabs cannot work concurrently. Is this the case with PC gaming? Not even close. You can run different games on different tabs. So, if you often get bored playing one game for too long, you can wager your money on two games at once. How is that for excitement? No wonder people love PC gaming.

Other than all these benefits, PC users also state that they enjoy more help options. After all, with live chat and more in tow, why wouldn’t they?

The Cons

Do PC users have any reasons not to enjoy gambling on their desktops? It turns out that they do. The reduced mobility! To game on a PC, there’s a lot that goes into play – powering it on, setting it up – not to mention carrying it around. So, unless you are willing to carry a PC around, portability is not in your favor.


Mobile Gaming

How many adults do you know have a smartphone? If you are like most people living in urban areas, the answer would be everyone. And even those who don’t have a phone probably don’t have one for personal reasons like social media cleanses, etc. Is mobile gaming as good as it is hyped up to be?

The Pros

Mobile gaming comes in two forms – using web browsers or mobile apps. And they all come boasting:



How heavy is a phone? You probably don’t even feel its weight when it’s in your pocket. So, you can take it with you as you go about your activities. Besides, phones serve much more than gaming. They are also essential in facilitating communication, booking appointments, setting alarms, etc. Thus, adding gaming to the list barely makes a dent. And that makes them a convenient option. Oh, and they are also easier to access than PCs. You don’t need to wait until you are home or in the office to set up your gaming. You can whip out your phone and get to it regardless of where you are.


The mobile experience is like what you would find in a casino. And in some cases, the graphics are even better than you would get on a PC. But in most cases, the PC and mobile gaming experiences go head-to-head as far as the graphics go. Besides, you can also get a mobile app specially created to cater to mobile users.


Should we add that mobile playing also has easier access than PC gaming?

The Cons

Why would anyone shun mobile gaming? We can think of a few reasons:

  • The Limited Screen Size: Most phones average 6 inches, and that’s relatively small compared to what you would have on a PC. And that hampers the gaming experience a tad.
  • Single Gaming: You can’t open several tabs and play different games simultaneously. So, if you get bored by playing one game at a time, that might be an issue.

And if you care a lot about performance, most phones cannot measure up to what you would get on a PC. That might be worth consideration.


Is any of these online gambling options better than the other? It comes down to what you want. If you want to immerse yourself in the gameplay fully, then desktop gaming will delight you. But if you fancy a way to kill the boredom on your commute, how about choosing the mobile experience? Or better yet, use both!