LTPO 3.0 Is Allegedly Coming With Better Battery Life For Your Devices

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Displays in some future smartphones and other products could be set for a big boost on the battery front if a recent leak hinting at the launch of LTPO 3.0 is any indication. In fact, the new display technology could be ready for OEMs or announcements as early as next month. That’s if a recently tweeted Weibo post is anything to go by. Specifically, shared with the Chinese social media site, before being reshared to Twitter by Abhishek Yadav this week.

For clarity, LTPO is a technology that presently exists in version 2.0. It acts as an underpinning technology for OLED and AMOLED display panels. And, summarily, the jump from version 1 to 2 vastly improved displays built on the technology in terms of variable refresh rates. So, taken alongside other less-noteworthy improvements, it’s an important technology in the industry.

What would be new for AMOLED displays with LTPO 3.0?

In terms of specifics, the latest details don’t provide much by way of actual information. But it is said that LTPO 3.0 will enhance previous efforts with the technology on the battery side of the equation. If accurate, the news really couldn’t come at a better time.


Not only have smartphone batteries continued to stagnate. But that stagnation in the technology itself has been coupled with increasingly-powerful chipsets. And, of course, with many companies shifting focus to the software in order to address the issues that combination dredges up. For instance, Android 13 is set to focus even more attention on improving background app battery management.

Displays are still easily the most battery-intensive component in modern smartphones. So any improvement in the technology undergirding those will have a significant impact.

You still won’t likely see the new tech anytime soon

Now, the exact level of impact will undoubtedly vary from OEM to OEM and depending on other factors. Such as chipsets and user settings for the display. But LTPO 3.0-enhanced smartphones won’t likely ship with better battery life this year, even if the leak is accurate. Typically, some time is needed between a new hardware component’s announcement and its release in end-products. So 2023 seems like a more likely bet on that front, as of this writing.