Instagram Will Make It Easier To Support Causes

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Instagram isn’t quite the #1 you’d go to if you want to support a cause, but the company plans to change that. It just revealed a few new features that will make it easier to support causes and spread the word about them. With the current war going on on Ukrainian soil, this is something that couldn’t have come at a better time.

Right now, unfortunately, there are about a million social causes that need support and attention from the masses. Luckily, social media platforms acknowledge this by providing tools to help support causes. This is either by connecting people with charities and letting them spread the word.

Instagram will make it easier to support causes

Now, Instagram just took another step in the right direction. The company just launched a way for people to interact with charitable causes on the platform. For starters, the company started off by choosing some of the more popular social causes like Black Lives Matter, Women’s Rights, and Climate change.


Now, when you search up the hashtag for those causes and visit the page you’ll see a new button next to the “follow” button. This new support button will show you some new options to help support the cause. First, you’ll be able to send the hashtag to other people via direct messages.

Under that option, you’ll see the option to start a fundraiser for the cause. When you tap that option, you’ll be able to select a non-profit organization to raise money for. Once you select the organization, you’ll then enter some information about why you chose that organization. You’ll also be able to upload a picture for the post.

Right now, the feature is in testing (which means that it’s only on iOS right now). If you have an iOS, and you want to use Instagram to support causes, you might be able to see the Support button. There’s no word on when this will come to Android devices.