Instagram Secretly Discontinued The Hyperlapse And Boomerang Apps

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Social media apps sometimes have standalone apps that are designed for one thing. Remember Twitter Periscope? Instagram’s standalone apps, Hyperlapse and Boomerang, have been discontinued secretly.

Instagram discontinued the Hyperlapse and Boomerang apps

Instagram is a veteran when it comes to creating short-form portrait videos. Back in the day, when it was primarily a photo-sharing app, it launched some video-focused standalone apps. These were the Hyperlapse app and the Boomerang app. If these sound familiar, then you’ve used the main app in recent years.

Instagram baked these features into the main app long ago. Thus, the company didn’t really need to have dedicated apps for them. Instagram silently discontinued its standalone apps. This happened for both the iOS app store and the Google Play Store.


These mark other standalone apps to be discontinued by Instagram. Recently, the company axed the IGTV app because, much like the two aforementioned apps, IGTV was implemented into the main app.

People migrate to the main app if they want to make longer-form videos, Boomerangs, or Hyperlapses. It doesn’t make sense to have separate apps that do what the main app can do.

In Other Instagram News: Instagram adds auto-generated captions

Everyone wants to know what a person is saying in a video, but the situation doesn’t always allow for that. People can watch videos in an environment that’s too loud or too quiet. Luckily, Instagram added new auto-generated captions to its app.


This will remind people of TikTok’s auto-generated captions. While it takes inspiration from TikTok, no one will really complain. Having auto-generated captions helps in many ways.

Users can go to any video they’re watching and switch on the captions. Just tap on the options on a video and the caption option should sit right at the bottom. That will toggle the captions for that video.

The captions won’t work perfectly out of the box. Mosseri said that the AI technology will need time to properly learn human speech patterns. This means that people will see plenty of missed words and other mistakes at the beginning.