Huawei Won't Retreat From International Markets, Chairman Says

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The Huawei chairman says that the company does not intend to retreat from international markets despite sanctions and political issues. Huawei is currently one of the main victims of the dispute between the West and China.

Huawei’s Rotating Chairman Guo Ping presented his pre-recorded message to the MWC 2022. He stressed that others should judge Huawei by its achievements, not by where the company is located.

Huawei has been excluded from all Western telecom development projects on charges of collaborating with the Chinese government on censorship and espionage. Regarding the issue, Ping said that “to see the future, we need to look up, above the politics, partisanship, and rhetoric.”


Ping also noted Huawei’s determination to continue its presence in international markets. “Many people ask whether Huawei will retreat from the international market. But the answer continues to be no. We are committed to helping customers who choose us to achieve the greatest business success.”

Despite all hardships, Huawei won’t give up international markets

Allegations of collaborating with the Chinese government have caused Huawei to lose a large portion of its market share. In this regard, the company’s profit in 2021 decreased significantly.

Huawei even hoped that it could reach an agreement with the new administration of the United States. However, Joe Biden whipped Huawei hopes by imposing new rounds of sanctions on the company and other Chinese manufacturers.


But Huawei still wants to continue to operate in international markets. The company has adopted new strategies and focused more on other areas of technology. “We are reshaping three areas – fundamental theories, architecture, and software – that will support the long-term sustainable development of the ICT industry,” Ping noted.

Pings say that his company will increase its investment in “foundational technologies” that will “reshape the technological paradigm.”

MWC 2022 could be a good opportunity for Huawei to showcase its latest achievements and let others know what valuable and cheap technologies they may lose if Huawei is excluded from global markets.