Google's Removing The Movies And TV Section From The Play Store

Google Play Store Icon Logo AH 2020

We use the Google Play store as a hub to buy several items from Google. This includes movies and TV shows. However, Google is going to change how you purchase and rent entertainment content, and it might not sit well with most people. The company is going to remove the Movies and TV section from the Play Store.

When we want to buy a movie or a TV show from Google’s services, we used to go to the dedicated Play Movies app, but the company has phased that out in lieu of the Google TV app. Regardless, you could always resort to buying the content straight from the Google Play store. It doesn’t really matter, as the money is all going to the same company.

Google is removing the Movies and TV section from the Play Store

Now, however, that is about to change. According to Google itself, the Movies and TV section is going away from the Play Store. So, where will you handle buying your movies and shows? You guessed it: Google TV. It’s no doubt that the company has been pushing Google TV aggressively since its launch. It’s the spiritual successor to the Google Play Movies service.


Now, when you want to buy or rent a movie or show, you’ll have to do so on the dedicated Google TV app. That shouldn’t be a big issue, as most Android phones do come with that app pre-installed. Even now, when you go to the Movies and TV section on the Play Store, you’ll be taken right to the Google TV app.

If you’re worried about your previous purchases not being transferred, rest assured. When you navigate to the Google TV app, you’ll see all of your previous purchases from other Google products. You won’t only see stuff you bought on the Google Play Store, you’ll also see stuff you bought from YouTube.

How to buy stuff using Google TV

Face it, if you watch movies and TV shows using Google products, you’re going to be rubbing elbows with Google TV one way or another. The company will make this process as seamless as it can, however. If you still want to binge-watch content using Google TV, it’s easy to gain access to your favorite content.


There shouldn’t be any difference between the stuff you find on the Play Store and the Google TV app. To start searching, when you open up the Google TV app, you’ll see a smattering of content pulled from all corners of the streaming service universe.

All you have to do is tap on the “Shop” tab at the bottom and find what you want to watch. If you find what you’re looking for, just tap it and buy it just as you would on the Play Store.