Google Shopping Will Add A 'Trusted Store' Badge on Listings

Google Logo With Badge

Google Shopping is a useful way to find a bunch of different products to buy. Now, Google is going to refine its shopping experience with Trusted Store badges on product listings. The company announced this during Shoptalk US 2022.

Right now, there are plenty of different online stores that sell your favorite products. Prices for the same products differ sometimes, so it’s useful having a unified way to find the best prices. This is where Google Shopping comes in. When you search for a product, you’ll get a list of different stores that sell the product, and it tells you the price that the store is selling it for.

Google shopping will have a Trusted Store badge

Google is gearing up to become a true-to-form selling platform. It’s going to allow people to post their product listings on it for free. This is something that will put it in more direct competition with Amazon. Most likely, this initiative won’t eat into too much of Amazon’s paycheck, however.


Now, with Google letting people add their own listings, there’s going to have to be some needed housekeeping. Namely, keeping people from scamming unsuspecting customers. The company is planning on adding a Trusted Store badge listings on Google Shopping.

While people will be able to post their own listings, only certain sellers will get this Trusted Store badge. According to a blog post from Google, “Merchants [will] receive a Trusted Store badge based on their performance across metrics relative to other merchants, including but not limited to shipping speeds, shipping and return costs, and return windows.”

In its testing, Google found that stores with the badge are much more likely to be clicked. That should come as no surprise, however. It also said that it’s helped lesser-known merchants gain some traction. This makes sense as, regardless of what store an item comes from, as long as it has a lower price, most people will buy it. So, if a smaller brand has the badge and a competitive price, they’re much more likely to get business.


Right now, this is still in testing, so don’t expect to start seeing it just yet. It’s setting up to allow people to post their products for free. You’ll start seeing the badge as time goes on, however.