Google Pixel 7 Will Have Smaller Display, Could Launch Earlier Than Usual

Google Pixel 5 vs Pixel 6 Pro camera comparison AH

The Google Pixel 7 isn’t expected to launch til this fall, but rumors are already floating around about it. This time, Ross Young an analyst from DSCC has just noted that the Pixel 7 may be moving to a slightly smaller size – 6.3-inches versus the 6.4-inch display of the Pixel 6. It’s a fairly small change, and the phone will likely be the same size as the Pixel 6 was, maybe a few millimeters smaller in height and width though.

Another tidbit that Young mentioned in his tweet is that display shipments are starting in May. That’s a month earlier than last year. That could mean one (or both) of two things. The Pixel 7 might be launching earlier than the usual mid-to-late October time-frame. Or that Google is planning to make more units this year, so shipments need to start earlier. It’s more likely that it’ll be launching sooner, maybe end of September or early October. Instead of the last week of October like it did last year.

For those that are unaware, Young is the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, so he has a lot of info about displays for upcoming devices. And he has never been wrong about these displays. So while we would still urge you to take this with a grain of salt, this is likely very accurate.



Pixel 7 Pro sticking with same 6.7-inch display

The Pixel 7 Pro is going to stick with the same size display as the Pixel 6 Pro at 6.7-inches. Which is a pretty good size for those that want a larger display on their phone. It’ll likely still be a curved display, though Young did not mention whether that would be the case yet.

All Young mentioned is the sizes. We have no idea whether they’ll be OLED, or another technology, curved or flat. That information will likely come out later on this year. Though we would expect both to remain OLED – miniLED is likely still to pricey for a phone – and Pixel 7 to go flat with the 7 Pro sticking with a curved display.