Google Photos Will Make It Easier To Pull Text From Images

Google Photos AH NS 01

Google Photos has a host of features that make it one of the best photo managing apps available on both Android and iOS. According to the latest report by Techradar, a new useful feature is testing that will make it easier to pull out text from your images.

Notably, this is not an altogether new feature. However, it is built on the already existing ‘copy text’ menu that shows up when you are viewing images that contain text.

Along with the ‘copy text’ option, you will now see other options such as ‘Listen’, ‘Crop’, and ‘Markup’. These new options will be included in the new interface that will arrive with an update.


Sadly, the update isn’t live for anyone yet and is currently under testing. Google Photos wants to test the waters before rolling out the feature to everybody.

However, you can take a chance and try updating your Google Photos Android app to the latest version. You’ll see if the new interface with new options is available to you or not.

The new Google Photos interface makes the existing feature more accessible

As noted by Techradar, the new update doesn’t include any new features. The Google Photos interface, however, makes the existing feature more accessible.


You can access them with one tap. You can use the ‘Listen’ shortcut to make your phone read out the text in the image. A use case scenario for this would be making your phone read out the ticket details for your bus.

All these new Google Photos options sit alongside the Google Lens features. These include ‘Translate’, ‘Search’, and the handier, ‘copy to computer’.

The ‘copy to computer’ feature lets you copy the text from your image onto a nearby laptop as long as both devices are signed in to the same Google account in the Chrome browser.


Again, the new Google Photos interface isn’t live for anyone yet, and only a limited number of people have access to it. So, we have yet to see them in action. As already mentioned, you can try your luck by updating the Google Photos app from the Google Play Store or the trusted third-party app store, APK Mirror.

There is no guarantee that you will see the new interface, but it’s worth giving a shot. The update is expected to roll out in the coming days. So, keep an eye on the new “updates available” section of the Play Store.