Samsung Will Let You Self-Repair Devices Your Galaxy Devices

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE AM AH 09

Smartphone customers have been wanting access to the right tools to fix their phones for a while. Now, with the Right to Repair thing, big companies like Samsung and Apple are compelled to give people official parts to people so they can self-repair their devices. Samsung just announced that it’s going to give Galaxy S20 and S21 users the tools to self-repair their phones.

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. Missing a table by just an inch, having a phone slip out of your pocket, or one stumble could wreck your phone. Tapping the manufacturer to repair them could cost you hundreds of dollars. You could wind up paying half of the worth of the phone just to have it fixed.

Samsung will let Galaxy users self-repair their devices

This is why being able to self-repair is an important thing. Having Samsung fix a cracked Galaxy S22 Ultra display will cost you $289. Even having a regular Galaxy S22’s screen fixed will cost you $199. That’s not an easy price to swallow if you just dropped $900-$1,100 on the phone.


Thankfully, the company instituted a new self-repair program. Samsung of America partnered with iFixit to provide people with the tools to repair their phones. They’ll be able to replace the display, back glass, and charging port. While that’s not a really long list, it includes the most replaced components in a phone.

This will be for a limited selection of devices at launch

If you’re excited to repair your own phones, you’ll need to know that it’s not going to affect all Galaxy devices at launch. According to the company, you’ll get tools to fix Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 phones. You’ll also be able to repair the Galaxy Tab S7+. That’s a really short list of devices, but it’s not all bad news. Samsung stated that it will expand the selection of devices as time goes on.

It seems odd that the Galaxy S22 phones or the Galaxy Tab S8 tablets aren’t included in the list. Hopefully, they’ll be added on soon. The Galaxy S22 Ultra has a curved display, and that’s not the most durable form factor.


Samsung says that the ability to self-repair your Galaxy devices will be available sometime in the Summer. That means there will be a few months to wait. You may want to refrain from breaking your devices until then.