Diablo Immortal iOS Pre-Registration Is Up With Cosmetic Rewards

Diablo Immortal

Pre-registration for Diablo Immortal has been up on Android devices for a while now, but as of today iOS users are able to join in. Blizzard today has announced that pre-registration for Diablo Immortal is now live directly in the App Store.

If you use an iOS device, whether it’s your main device or not, you should now be able to see Diablo Immortal in the store with a button to “pre-order.” This doesn’t mean the game will cost money outright. Pre-ordering is simply the term Apple uses for pre-registration in its app ecosystem.

As some with iOS devices may have also noticed, after you pre-order the game page lists a potential launch date of June 30. This is simply a placeholder date while the team comes to a finalized decision on launch plans and timing.


Diablo Immortal players on Android & iOS can unlock cosmetic armor

Another part of today’s announcement from Blizzard is that players have a chance to score some pretty cool pre-registration loot. If enough players pre-register for the game prior to its launch, all players will receive a special cosmetic armor set for use in the game.

This will be the Living Legacy armor set designed with a Horadrim theme. According to Blizzard, Diablo Immortal needs to reach 30 million global pre-registrations across both platforms. This should be fairly doable given that it’s the Diablo franchise. Of course, all the excitement built up from the last few closed tests will likely help.

Not to mention that the goal is global and not just limited to a few regions like the closed tests were. Another thing to consider is the amount of time between now and when the game launches. It could still be months from now before the game releases.


Which would allow a lot of time to reach said goal. Blizzard makes a point to touch on one final detail regarding the cosmetic armor reward. Players will need to complete the tutorial in-game within 30 days of Diablo Immortal’s release if they want to claim it. If you want a better look at this cosmetic armor set, you can view it in the trailer below.