Best Of MWC 2022: HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro

HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro MWC 2022 award badge 1

In addition to announcing the HONOR Magic4 series smartphones, and a smartwatch, HONOR also launched a pair of earphones at MWC 2022. These are truly wireless earphones called the HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro, and we’ve decided to hand it one of our MWC awards. These earbuds come with a really interesting feature in the form of temperature monitoring, while they’re also well equipped in various other ways.

You’ll find compelling internals here, which are supposed to ensure high-quality audio playback. On top of that, ANC is a part of the package, while the earbuds themselves look quite sleek. They do offer a somewhat familiar design, and come in two different color variants. We’ll talk more about them below.

Familiar design, but that’s not a bad thing

The HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro do look similar to some other earbuds out there. Truth be said, it’s hard to differentiate in this department. They resemble both the Apple AirPods Pro, and the Huawei FreeBuds Pro, just for comparison purposes. The stem is shorter than it is on most truly wireless earbuds, and that’s a good thing, of course. Stems on each earphone are touch-sensitive, so you can activate various gestures, and control music playback. Each earbud also comes with a silicone seal, for a better fit, and several of them are included in the box.


The charging case itself is quite compact, and it is in a landscape format. It has an indicator light on the front, which indicates the battery level of the case, charging status, and battery status. The charging case measures 64.3 x 46 x 23.2mm, and weighs only 42.6 without earbuds. Each earbud weighs 5.1 grams, and measures 30.5 x 21.6 x 24.3mm.

Large drivers, PZT Tweeter & temperature monitoring

The HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro come with large 11mm drivers, and the world’s first Coaxial Dual-Driver design. On top of that, a PZT Tweeter is here, and it helps bring the punchy bass and delicate treble together, to improve overall audio quality.

These earbuds also offer temperature monitoring, thanks to the high-accuracy temperature sensor. This is not something you’d usually find in truly wireless earphones, and could be quite beneficial for some people, especially these days.


Multiple levels of ANC, and promising battery life

These earbuds do offer Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). They actually offer three levels of ANC. Those levels are Ultra Mode, Cozy Mode, and General Mode. All you have to do is decide which suits you best for what situation.

HONOR says you can get up to 6 hours of play time with each earbud, with ANC off. With it on, that will be closer to 4 hours. The charging case provides 24 hours of play time with ANC off, and 16 hours with ANC on. 5C fast charging tech is also included in the package. You can get 2 hours of music playback in only 5 minutes of charging.

Other tidbits

The earbuds also offer dynamic noise reduction, ear canal adaptive ANC, in-call noise reduction, wear detection, cap sensor, hall sensor, and ship with Bluetooth 5.2. All in all, these earbuds are really well equipped.