ASUS ROG Phone 5 Owners Finally Get Their Taste Of Android 12

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The wait is over for ROG Phone 5 owners hoping to update to Android 12. Or, rather it’s almost over. ASUS has officially posted the release notes for the official Android 12 stable update for the ROG Phone 5 and ROG phone 5s. This is a mere few months after ASUS started accepting signups to be enrolled in the Android 12 beta for those two devices.

As of March 15, the company has started to roll out the official stable update to users. Which comes with a truck load of changes and improvements as one might expect. In fact the update itself clocks in at nearly 4GB. Once your phone is ready to download the new software, make sure you have a decent amount of battery left. And we’d probably suggest to keep it plugged in anyways. You may also want to set aside a nice chunk of time to let the phone do its thing as the update may take a little while.

You can download the ROG Phone 5 Android 12 update right now

ASUS may be officially sending out the update to users, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get it right this minute. Chances are you may have to wait a little while. You could of course be one of the lucky ones and get the update right away. But just in case you’re not, you can opt to download the update directly. This will let you bypass any waiting whatsoever since you won’t be waiting for the OTA files to hit your device.


That being said, if you download the update directly from ASUS, you have to install the update manually. And it’s recommended that you don’t do that unless you’re comfortable and familiar with the process of doing so.

If you’re fine with it, you can grab the updates for each model of the device from the buttons below.

As for some of the included changes, ASUS lists a new ROG UI design to go along with the flavor of Android 12. Additionally, users will get a revamped mobile manager. Not to mention an updated console design in the Armoury Crate app, splash screen animations when launching apps, the new Android power button features and more. The full release notes are listed with each device via the download buttons below.


ROG Phone 5 - Android 12

ROG Phone 5s - Android 12