Android TV 12 Will Be Coming Soon

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We’re all used to seeing Google TV and Android TV around. These are two of the most popular streaming platforms out there along with Apple TV, and Fire TV. Android TV 12 was announced last year, and Google stated that it’s going to be arriving soon.

When people buy a streaming device, they choose between a shortlist of streaming TV operating systems. They can either use the platforms mentioned above or they can use proprietary operating systems. Big-name platforms have access to the top streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and so on. This is what makes them so popular.

Android TV 12  will be coming soon

What also makes them popular is the selection of features that set each platform apart. The latest version of Android TV is version 11, but compatible Android TV devices will be getting the upgrade to the newest version soon. Google introduced us to Android TV 12 last year, and it’s been in testing ever since. Now, Google lets us all know that there won’t be much longer to wait to get it.


What features will this platform have?

A new blog post from Google senior developers relations engineer Paul Lammertsma refreshes our memory of the new features coming to the platform with a new blog post.

For starters, the refresh rate switcher will let you choose what rate you want your TV to display. You’ll be able to choose between multiples of 24Hz, 25Hz, and 30Hz. This gives you more flexibility when you watch different types of content. As mentioned in the blog post, if you’re watching content created in 24Hz, you’ll be able to switch to 48Hz for smoother playback.

If you’re sitting far back from the screen or have bad eyesight, then this next feature will be useful. With Android TV 12, you’ll be able to use text scaling. You’ll be able to change the text between small, default, large sizes.


If you have a 4K TV, then you’ll like this next feature. The UI itself will actually render in native 4K resolution. Everything will be in crisp 4K resolution to help boost the viewing experience.