Android 12 Is Making It To The LG Velvet

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LG, sadly, left the smartphone game almost a year ago, but the Korean tech giant is still delivering updates to its most recent releases. After updating the LG Velvet to Android 11 a couple of months ago, the company is now updating it to Android 12.

While LG doesn’t manufacture phones anymore, it’s still keeping its phones as current as it can. For instance, some of its phones are on the February security patch currently. That’s a great thing seeing as some OEMs that are still in the smartphone game are still on older software.

The LG Velvet is getting Android 12

That software support continues with the latest news. According to 9To5Google, LG is in the process of updating its 2020 premium mid-ranger to Android 12. So far, the OTA is only going out to phones in Korea, but it’ll eventually make it to other markets.


What changes are coming?

Unfortunately, LG isn’t implementing a complete overhaul to its software. Based on the Korean version of the software, the LG skin is remaining the same, pretty much. While that’s true, the company added in some of the popular functions present in Android 12.

For starters, the power menu will get a lockdown button that will lock the screen and require a passcode to unlock. Also, the location options will now include approximate and precise options.

The main app permission options will also make their way to the Velvet. The phone will now have the indicators when an app is using the camera or microphone. Also, when an app hasn’t been used for a while, the system will automatically delete its permissions.


Other than that, there don’t appear to be more changes to the software. Unfortunately, those holding their breath for dynamic colors will be disappointed. It’s a bummer, but it’s understandable. These might be some of the final updates we’ll get before support drops. After that, LG phones will officially be dead.

Those of you outside of Korea will be getting the OTA within the next couple of weeks. If you don’t know how to check for the update, go to your device’s settings and scroll down to the System section. There, you’ll see the Update Center up top. Tap it, tap the System Update option, and tap the “Check for update” button on the bottom. Check back every now and then to see if you have the update.