Amazon's "Amp" Is A New Clubhouse Competitor

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Clubhouse introduced a really interesting platform last year, and it’s still a pretty popular service. According to Android Central, Amazon is making its own version of the platform, and may give Clubhouse a run for its money. Amazon’s Clubhouse competitor is called Amp.

Clubhouse has a lot of competition

Last year, we got an app that could let you host your own radio shows called Clubhouse. It’s an interesting idea and it led the app to gather a lot of attention. However, that’s a double-edged sword.

Clubhouse caught the attention of platforms like Twitter and Amazon who started making their own takes on the idea. Even Facebook expressed an interest in doing the same thing. This, coupled with Clubhouse’s lengthy invite-only system, led Twitter to jump the gun on Clubhouse.


That sounds harsh; starting an app only for multi-billion (and multi-trillion) dollar companies to develop their own versions. Regardless, the company is still going strong and implementing new features into the software.

Amazon’s Clubhouse competitor is called Amp

Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces are already up and running, but it’s not too late to jump into the fray. Amazon has been working on its own audio app for people to host their own radio shows. Today, it launched the beta version of its app called Amp.

This is Amazon’s Clubhouse competitor, but there will be one big distinction. It will still let you host conversations for an audience of listeners. However, Amp will focus on music. Instead of having a live podcast, it’ll actually be like having a radio show.


What makes this different is the selection of licensed music that you will be able to stream. That’s huge when you think about it. Content creators across several platforms are at constant war against the DCMA. Being able to actually play Kenny Loggins’ “This Is It” or The Bee Gees’ “You Win Again” on the air should be a treat.

This is in beta right now

If you’re excited to start hosting, it might be a while. Right now, Amazon is testing this new app on a limited number of users. Not only that, but the users are only on iOS. If you use an iPhone, you can download the app and join the waitlist. For everyone else, it’s time to play the waiting game.