Amazon Eco-friendly Aware Product Line Aim To Fight Climate Change

01 Amazon Logo box DG AH 2021

Amazon has recently launched an Aware product line to fulfill its commitment to fight climate change. All products in this line are said to be eco-friendly and sold through the Amazon website.

Amazon sells billions of items a year, and many critics say the company has a role to play in climate change. Amazon also made some promises and made investments to show it wants to act against climate change. Launching the Aware product line is the newest action by the company to demonstrate its commitment.

The Aware product line includes some necessary products every one of us might use at home, including bedding, clothing, home essentials, and skincare items. Amazon claims that these things are made with recycled materials, sustainable elements, and “bio-based ingredients.”


To reassure customers, all products by Aware have environmental certification. For example, skincare products are said to be free of “chemicals of concern,” Also, bed and bath products are made in “socially responsible working conditions.”

Amazon Aware product line aims to save the planet

Most of the essential items that we use on a daily basis are not made of sustainable elements and are harmful to the environment. Creating an eco-friendly product line by Amazon could be good news. But we are still a long way from the desired situation.

Amazon is currently dominating online shopping in the United States, and critics always cited its contribution to waste. Product packaging is one of the areas that Amazon critics have always criticized. They believe that a large amount of foam and plastic is consumed in this area.


Amazon has also invested in efficient packaging and reusable boxes. Some of the new Amazon boxes can even be turned into cat condos.

Many companies have announced plans to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. Amazon also said it is working to reach its net-zero carbon target in 2040.