4 Futuristic Car Technologies You’ll Soon See In Regular Cars

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Car technology is advancing at an incredible pace. Soon, you won’t need to buy a luxury car to enjoy state-of-the-art car tech features as has always been the norm. Auto manufacturers now add high-tech features in many regular cars. For instance, 91% of all cars manufactured in 2019 featured keyless ignitions. When the feature was first introduced, it was a reserve for supercars alone. Here are four futuristic car technologies you should expect to see in regular vehicles soon.

1. Vehicle Voice Command

Many standard cars have a voice command feature. This feature works like the Alexa voice assistant. It allows you to interact with your vehicle by telling it what you’d like it to do. For instance, if you’re trying to find the nearest auto shop or parking, you can say something like “locate the nearest auto shop” or “find the nearest parking spot.”

The vehicle will locate the nearest garage or parking spot, depending on how you’ve programmed your preferences. Most cars allow you to activate the voice command feature by pressing a button at the center of the steering wheel.


2. Front View Cameras

Front view cameras are common features in most vehicles today. Car experts say most used cars for sale produced in 2014 onwards are fitted with front view cameras. Although highly underappreciated, front view cameras are great safety features that offer drivers a 180-degree view of the road.

These cameras are strategically placed to enable drivers to detect pedestrians, road signs, and other cars quickly so as to avoid accidents. Modern front view cameras can capture and record activities on the road. The recorded information can be used to apprehend crime perpetrators in case of accidents.

3. Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Communication

V2V technology enables vehicles to interact with other vehicles remotely. The technology allows vehicles to exchange data and other vital traffic information–such as the speed and location of nearby cars. Drivers receive alerts about potential dangers and can avert accidents.


Apart from V2V technology, there’s also vehicle-to-infrastructure communication that can communicate with road infrastructure and alert the driver about potential dangers. V2V communication systems could soon become mandatory in all new cars in the U.S.

4. Intelligent Dashboards

Intelligent dashboards, or augmented reality dashboards, first featured in high-end cars like BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Landrover. However, car experts say 70% of vehicles will have intelligent dashboards by 2021. An intelligent car dashboard features an LCD touchscreen that displays different car parameters such as vehicle speed, the corners ahead, and other vital information right on the windscreen.

The dashboard allows drivers to focus better without taking their eyes off the road. As auto manufacturers become more focused on safety, they are installing AR dashboards in many modern cars.


Car technologies that only existed in high-end vehicles have now become common features in regular cars. While some are meant to enhance comfort, most of them improve safety for drivers and road users. And while some high-tech car technologies are only found in supercars, we expect to see more of them in regular cars very soon.

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