The Xbox Controller Share Button Will Do More Than Just Share Soon

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Pretty soon the Xbox controller share button will get an update that allows it to do more than just share images. That’s because Microsoft is currently testing a new remapping feature for it with Insiders. Which will eventually trickle down to all users in due time.

According to The Verge’s Tom Warren, at the moment if you’re an Insider tester in the Alpha or Alpha Skip Ahead Alpha rings, then you should be able to download the Xbox controller update firmware that includes the Share button remapping. In doing so, you can alter the Share button’s capabilities, allowing to do things like send a message, search for things, and even pause/play media.

In total the share button will have 9 new features. What’s more, is that the remap can be set to a single button press, or a double tap or hold action. Which means you can actually set the button up to do three things at all times. One option for each of those actions.


The Xbox controller share button update adds 9 new mapping options

Remapping options makes even the most basic of controllers feel like a more advanced hardware. And anyone with one of the Xbox wireless controllers is going to be able to take advantage of that soon enough.

Once you have the new firmware, you can remap the share button to the following options. Open the Xbox guide, send a message, search, the ability to launch an app or game, pause and play media, mute or adjust the volume, view achievements, friends, or parties, access your quick settings, and toggle the night mode, color filters, narrator or magnifier.

Keep in mind that you can also remap any of these options to a single button press. Which is what currently snaps a screenshot during gameplay and allows you to share that screenshot. But if you prefer to keep that option where it is, you can remap any of the 9 new options to a double tap or a button hold instead.


This feature will be available to any of the new Xbox wireless controllers that have the share button. Which means the standard one that comes from Microsoft, as well as controllers like the SCUF Instinct and Instinct Pro.