Wave Live Wallpapers Maker 3D Helps You Pick Or Create Great Up-To-Date Animated Backgrounds


The digital era that we’re in is all about doing things differently and ripping the rulebook. The phone personalization trend started years ago and is still growing as we speak. Whether it’s a phone case, a pop socket, or moving wallpapers, we all like to express ourselves through our wearable tech.

We took a look at the state of smartphone wallpapers in 2022 so we can share some of the most exciting options available. Wave Live Wallpapers Maker 3D caught our eye as it offers exclusive designs and advanced features for Android live wallpapers, including a wallpaper maker feature. If you’re new to this trend, maybe it’s time to jump in their rife collection of animated backgrounds and 3D wallpapers and try some.



You might be using wallpapers to make your screens less boring, to boost your mood, or to send a nice visual message to someone. The message they’re often using is ‘Say it with a wallpaper’ which sounds like a cool idea, especially around special days. Instead of a simple ecard, you can send an animated wallpaper made by you, with a personalized message included if that’s your thing. If the person you send it to applies it on their smartphone background they will think of you, every time they use their phone.

Short 2022 trends overview on live wallpapers

For years, we’ve seen cartoon aesthetic wallpapers going super popular, and now, with the anime wallpapers, they are spiking in 2022. The black aesthetic wallpapers are also keeping the likeability continuous this year because they look so cool and they are easy on our eyes.


Cool car wallpapers will go on, and if you’re into that, keep reading, this app offers something quite different on this theme.


Mushroom wallpapers and trippy backgrounds are also super popular. They look crazy colorful and make any smartphone stand out.

Galaxy wallpapers are here to stay, and you’ll find lots of cool ones here too, with Parallax effects or 3D effects.

Last but not least, the ‘be jeweled’ theme is also rising (or has never died), going along with the retro wave. It seems now diamonds are everyone’s best friend and the diamonds wallpapers are a top choice to make our contemporary phones shine.


Are live wallpapers safe for your battery?

This is probably one of the biggest concerns and the main reason why some people avoid using this type of phone personalization. It’s a bias leftover in our minds from the early live wallpapers’ era. Back in the days when our devices were not as strong and advanced as most Android phones are today.

So far, so good, devices and app developers have evolved and things are looking good.
Wave Live Wallpapers has hit the nail on the head to deliver an animated backgrounds app optimized for battery use. If you wonder what this means, the explanation is simple. The live wallpapers don’t run in the background when you joggle with other apps, or your screen is off. It only uses the same amount of battery life you need while watching a video, only while you are looking or interacting with the wallpaper. So if you don’t already have battery issues, you should be safe to start using live wallpapers.

How to install it?

Simply go to Play Store on your Android phone, search and download Wave Live Wallpapers Maker 3D. The process of using an app, over an APK file is smoother, and you can easily update the app from the Play store now and then, rather than uninstalling previous versions.


The app should work on any older Android version, up to the latest 12.0 Snow Cone. Also, it’s a safe app, that clearly states the few needed permission to work properly. For further information like resource usage and whitelisting, you can check the Help section.

3 cool features to look into

We’ve rounded up 3 features you can get from this up-to-date live wallpapers app:

1. The 3D wallpapers and the smart wallpapers that show you the time


Check out their one-of-a-kind black watch called ‘Tourbillon’ in-app and see how it completely revamps your screen.


The beige 3D wallpaper that seems to be more of a car interior inspired caught our attention quickly. The features and the quality of the design are something you don’t see anywhere else on the play store. This 3D interactive wallpaper integrates stylish widgets to show the date, time and battery life. Thanks to the built-in gyroscope, it also shifts with your device’s motion, which is pretty cool.


Overall, on this app, the tech moving wallpapers, cyberpunk and steampunk wallpapers are the most downloaded designs. Wave Live Wallpapers is a no-brainer, if you are into tech and visually entertaining cool stuff.

2. Shuffle your selected HD backgrounds automatically



Yes, you can create your own collection of live wallpapers that will automatically cycle through your selected animated backgrounds. The cool thing about this is that you can always find your designs saved in ‘Collections’, even after you reinstall the app or change your phone.

Which naturally brings us to number 3.


3. Design your own animated backgrounds in their wallpaper maker

If you want to get creative, you can make your own wallpapers selecting one from the different options available like image, boomerang, or video wallpaper. The one that thrilled us is making a 3D wallpaper, in 4 easy steps:

  • Go to create and pick a photo. You can do it by uploading or using their Pixabay source
  • Choose a photo you like, with a main element in the middle
  • Apply the 3D effect and start moving your screen to check the gyroscope result
  • Finish the animated background overlay and touch effects (optional)

After you publish the HD background, you can share it with the community or send it to your friends. Further on, you cand build a real wallpapers portfolio, get likes and shares, while people can use your creation to beautify their phones.

Custom home screen and lock screen

Normally, you can apply their live wallpapers both on home screen and lock screen, but some phone manufacturers won’t allow you to customize the lock screen with a live wallpaper. Please check your device compatibility for that.

Can I use these live wallpapers without a subscription?

This Wave Live Wallpapers app is free to use, you don’t have to buy a subscription to use their phone backgrounds. Now maybe you’ll find this useful, since on some apps like the Windows wallpaper engine app you need a paid subscription for your PC version to enjoy all the functionalities.

If you want an ad-free experience, you can consider buying their premium subscription, as in any other app.

We’ve reached the end, and with all things covered, now you know that live wallpapers are optimized for battery use, in line with the devices of today. If you have other live wallpaper apps collecting digital dust in your phone, make sure you check this one out, at least to see how cool 3D wallpapers have come to interact with us in 2022.