Verizon Protected Its Customers From Over 20 Billion Unwanted Calls

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Robocalls are one of the most annoying things in our digital age. Nobody likes getting phone calls from Mr. Scam Likely, and carriers and manufacturers know this. This is why there’s always technology going on in the background that catches and blocks these calls. Verizon said in an announcement that it’s successfully blocked over 20 billion unwanted calls for its customers.

Verizon has blocked over 20 billion unwanted calls

A lot of the time, what makes a carrier a top choice is how good it is at blocking unwanted robocalls. They can run rampant and really interrupt your day if left unchecked. Google has a way of combating them using the Google Assistant on Pixel phones.

Verizon has also been doing a lot of work to dampen robocalls. The company has been fighting off robocalls behind the scenes for a while and continues to do so. According to a post from the company, Verizon was able to block more than 20 billion robocalls across its 80 million customer user base. That’s almost 3 times the current world population. The company states that it performs this with the use of tools such as STIR/SHAKEN and Call Filter.


Call Filter is a tool that most Verizon phones can use. It’s a standalone app that filters incoming calls. It can actually send calls straight to voicemail which can keep your phone from ringing altogether. You won’t have to worry about the call interrupting your concentration.

The STIR/SHAKEN tool can identify if a call is coming from the source it says it’s coming from. This helps ensure that you’re getting called by the right people and not from any fraudulent sources. There’s also a great caller ID feature that Verizon uses. For Fios customers, they will see a “V” next to the caller ID if the caller is legit. If not, you can bet that it’s a robocall.

In Other Verizon News: Verizon home internet now covers 30 million homes

The three main carriers are expanding their internet solutions to more homes as we speak, and they’re not shy about celebrating their milestones. Just recently, Verizon announced that its plug-and-play internet service is now delivering internet to over 30 million homes.


Aside from that, the announcement came with the news that it’s also powering more than 2 million businesses. This is a big step for the company, though it’s still trailing behind the other carriers in terms of coverage.