Valve Will Sell Steam Deck Replacement Parts Through iFixit

Steam Deck X Ray

Valve today has officially confirmed that it will sell replacement parts for the Steam Deck, its upcoming handheld gaming PC. What’s more, is that iFixit will be the first official partner for selling those parts. iFixit has also published a teardown video that shows you just how easy (or challenging) it is to take the machine apart.

Last year, Valve put out a teardown video of its own. Both showing part of the disassembly process and cautioning users not to take apart the Steam Deck. While simultaneously telling them that the Steam Deck is “their PC” and it wants users to be able to do with it as they wish.

At that time, it seemed Valve was rather heavily advising users to leave the gaming machine intact. But its commitment to selling Steam Deck replacement parts seems to point to the company relaxing on that stance a little. At least, for users that know what they’re doing.


Steam Deck replacement parts will be sold through iFixit

Those looking to repair their Steam Deck should the need ever arise, can rest assured they’ll have a legitimate place to get parts. iFixit. That being said, iFixit will only be one of the partners that Valve is working with.

In fact, iFixit is the initial partner, but Valve will eventually announce more. For the time being, it seems like iFixit’s shop will be the only place to get what you need. Although, Valve doesn’t mention in its post what parts will be sold. iFixit will also be an authorized seller of replacement parts for the Valve Index VR headset. Should you need those as well, or instead.

Before you go through any of the trouble of taking apart your Steam Deck once you get it, you should watch iFixit’s teardown video below. Valve says it’s still hammering out the details with iFixit on what parts to carry. So for now, you may just have to wonder. Valve does also state though that it will share more information soon.


Confirming that it will announce what parts will be replaceable through its authorized sellers. Albeit closer to the Steam Deck’s official launch later this month.