Top Games Where You Can Earn NFTs

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Whenever the debate will arise on the topic of trending. It will remain incomplete without discussing the popularity of NFT games. As nowadays NFT games are gaining worldwide popularity. In this article, we will also discuss the top games where you can earn NFTs.

We can’t deny the fact that every new thing that is becoming the source of earning, will successfully become one of the most discussed things of that era which is also known as the trending of that time. NFT games also belong to the same case. As NFT games are becoming a vital source of income for many people in the world, it is one of the most rising trends that is the best in the business of earning money. If you want a complete guideline about investing in the best NFTs then you follow this link.

One of the most vital reasons behind the popularity of NFTs gaming is people are getting the opportunities to play new and exciting games and also these games are giving them a chance to earn money. But now the pro and top gamers have realized the difference between stepping in the NFT gaming era earlier than being late.


According to the sources “One of the major reasons behind the popularity of NFT games is its affordable entry price and huge potential. When NFT collaborate with blockchain, the advanced and attractive era was also got birth, especially the gamers that also got some important tasks in this era. Gaming has now transformed itself along with NFT, where gamers now contribute their effort in the sense of gaming and get their rewards as an output.

Major Benefits of NFTs Gaming

One of the major benefits that NFT gaming offers is Transparency. It plays the role of establishing trust among the gamers. Overall this transparency directly belongs to blockchain technology. All the transactions and purchases that are done on these gamers are tracked and recorded on the digital book. Everyone who is on the game has access to open this recorded payment ledger. In simple words, these all purchases in the games are not ordinary purchases, these are the actions that a gamer takes in the specific game.

All the NFTs games are much secured as they are powered by blockchain. Every landmark on the game is stored on the digital record that makes NFTs gaming safer to play.


Another major benefit of NFT gaming is its ownership. Whenever a player bought an in-game collectible, all the details of the game and the players are automatically saved in the blockchain and hence it is totally impossible to use any cheat. That prevents games from any cyber-attack.

Now let’s talk about Top-Earning NFTs Games

Axie Infinity

If you are well aware of the Pokemon or Pikachu gaming series then Axie Infinity is not a big deal for you. As Axie Infinity comes as one of the top trending NFT games, it is also a blockchain game. Nowadays Axie Infinity is one of the most trending play-to-earn NFT games. This game has provided a chance to earn too many players worldwide.


Axie Infinity is quite easy and very interesting to play in which players buy the monsters. Then they train and breed these monsters. These monsters are known as Axies. When the Axies are ready, the players allow them to battle with Axies owned by various players.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is also a very trending NFT game. It is a cards game. It is also a part of NFT’s most played games in which players get the cards in the form of NFTs. The value of these NFT cards relates to real-world importance and they rely on the tokens. These tokens are known as GODS tokens.


Spliterlands is also one of the most famous NFT play-to-earn games. This game is also very famous due to its exceptional consuming technique for creating a play-to-earn hub. This game also belongs to the NFT blockchain system known as HIVE. It is also an exciting game in which you have to battle with various monsters and by competing with these monsters, you can earn the NFT based assets that are able to be traded in many marketplaces.



Sandbox was developed in 2012, but now it got the latest entry in the NFT blockchain gaming era. It is becoming very popular with the passage of time and is downloaded in both IOS and android mobile variations.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a very attractive addition to the era of NFT play to earn money. It belongs to the metaverse type of play-to-earn a game in which you can build highly potential blockchains such as WAX, Binance smart chain, and Ethereum. This game is based on exploring and digging. The assets that you discover from exploring can be traded in many marketplaces.

Last but not the least

The NFT Play-to-earn gaming era will touch the next levels of progress and will be widely adopted all over the world. We have discussed only 5 games that are leading the race but there is a vast list of other games. Thus, step in yourself in order to get advantages from NFTs play to earn games.