T-Mobile 5G Now Covers Three More US States

T Mobile Nationwide 5G Map

5G officially launched a couple of years ago, but it’s still making its way to more homes. So far, T-Mobile has been leading the 5G race in terms of raw coverage. However, the company is still expanding to more states. In a new statement from T-Mobile, the company now covers three more states: Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

T-Mobile how has 5G in three more states

If you look at any map that shows a carrier’s signal coverage, you’ll see a trend: most states in the central United States have little to no coverage at all. This goes especially for 5G coverage. Right now, T-Mobile covers more of the nation, but for a while, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio were left in the dust. Now according to a new blog post from T-Mobile, those three states now have coverage.

T-Mobile expanded its 5G home internet to those three states and this includes several cities in those states. For Indiana, the cities include Columbus, Frankfort, Greensburg, Richmond, Auburn, etc. When it comes to Ohio, we have Columbus, Jackson, Akron, etc.  The cities in Kentucky include Madisonville, Murray, Somerset, etc.


There are plenty more cities involved in this list, and you can find it on the T-Mobile site. The list includes an impressive 62 cities across the three states.

What do you get with T-Mobile home internet?

T-Mobile refers to its approach to home internet as “No-BS.” It charges $50/month for its home internet, and that’s an attractive price. Also, there are no additional taxes or fees added to the price; $50 exactly is what you pay. However, there is a bit of fine print. T-Mobile says that the price is $50/month if you sign up for auto-pay. If you don’t want the money taken out of your bank account, then it will cost more every month.

The company also says that there won’t be any price hikes ever. That’s something that will get a lot of people on board because price hikes are some of the worst things we have to deal with ISPs. Adding to the charm is the fact that you won’t have to pay any additional money for equipment. If you’re interested, you can sign up for a T-Mobile home internet plan.