Have A Glimpse At Square Enix's New Hitman Sniper Game

Hitman Sniper The Shadows

Square Enix is getting ready to launch its new Hitman Sniper game called Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, a game which it’s been pretty silent about since it was announced at E3 back in 2021. After a year-long wait, Square Enix is stepping out of the shadows (please laugh) to give us a glimpse the new Hitman Sniper game. It has a new teaser trailer for it which introduces you to some of the game’s playable agents.

Square Enix has also taken to Twitter to announce an upcoming release date, and you might be surprised at how close it is. Not only that, but pre-registration is available for the game as of today it looks like.

The new Hitman Sniper game will launch globally on March 3

According to the official Hitman Sniper twitter page, the game will launch globally on March 3 of this year. Which is just over a couple of weeks away. While you can wait for the game to release and go download it, you can also pre-register for the release starting today through the game’s landing page, which can be found here.


Pre-registration tends to reward players with free in-game gifts. So if nothing else, there’s a good reason to pre-register. It also helps afford you a notification for when the game goes live. Sometimes games launch earlier than expected, so if you’re eager to play this one, pre-registration could be good for that too as you may be able to get your hands on it early.

You can also check out the trailer below if you’re interested in seeing a few of the agents. There are 6 agents total that you will be able to play. Each one with their own unique skills. The short teaser trailer gives you a quick glimpse at 3 of them. So you don’t get to learn everything about all of them just yet.

This should play a lot like the last Hitman Sniper so if you’re at all familiar with it, this should feel like second nature. There’s no doubt new features and mechanics though to keep things fresh. Aside from the new playable agents of course.