Samsung & Lacoste Team Up For Galaxy S22 & Galaxy S21 FE Cases

Samsung Galaxy S22 Lacoste Cases

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is officially here, with some customers already receiving their pre-orders. While the company sells a bunch of accessories such as cases and covers meant for the new flagship series, there are a few unique offerings that catch our eye each year. This time, it’s Samsung’s collaboration with French fashion giant Lacoste to launch limited edition cases for the Galaxy S22.

Samsung said it is making these cases available for all phones in the Galaxy S22 series, plus the Galaxy S21 FE. The grouping of the Galaxy S21 FE is odd, given that it’s not considered a flagship device, as SamMobile rightly points out. However, Samsung only unveiled the Galaxy S21 FE a month ago, so it’s technically a 2022 smartphone.

As for the cases, they look no different than any other third-party protective cover for your smartphone. Of course, it has the classic Lacoste branding with the choices between Black, Green/Neon, and one with the iconic Lacoste crocodile imprint. These cases don’t bring any fancy features like a few other Samsung cases, but they will certainly keep your phone safe.


These limited edition cases could be exclusive to France

Samsung didn’t share a precise release date for these new cases. But the company said they would be available by the end of this month in France. Pricing information wasn’t provided either, though we expect this to cost slightly more than your average protective cover. There’s no word on whether these cases will venture outside France.

There’s plenty of buzz surrounding the Galaxy S22 series, particularly the Ultra model, and understandably so. Samsung is hoping to bring back fans of the Galaxy Note series who were left disappointed when the company decided to discontinue the lineup, at least temporarily.

Recent reporting has revealed that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a reasonably durable smartphone. But a durability test conducted by PBKreviews revealed that the flagship’s screen could scratch more easily. In fact, the vanilla Galaxy S22 appears to offer better scratch resistance. For reference, the front and back panels of both smartphones feature Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus. So it’s a bit baffling that there’s some disparity in the scratch resistance of the two devices.