OPPO's 240W Charging Fully Charges 4,500mAh Battery In 9 Minutes

240W SUPERVOOC charging

OPPO announced its 150W charging today at MWC 2022. Its advanced charging offers battery healing tech, and is quite interesting. We’ve already talked about it, but that’s not all that OPPO had to say when it comes to charging. OPPO also demonstrated its 240W SuperVOOC charging.

OPPO’s 240W charging can fully charge a 4,500mAh battery in only 9 minutes

While 150W charging will be utilized in a commercial smartphone in Q2 this year, 240W charging is not yet ready, but it’s coming. OPPO demonstrated it to show us all that it can fully charge a 4,500mAh battery in only 9 minutes.

For comparison’s sake, the company’s 150W charging fully charges such a battery in 15 minutes. That won’t make a difference to many of you, as both are immensely fast, but OPPO is really pushing the ante.


The company’s 240W SuperVOOC charging is designed with 24V/10A technology on the Type-C interface. It uses three charge pumps, and the power supplied to the handsets can be converted to 10V/24A.

This charging tech adopts five safety protection measures

OPPO’s 240W SuperVOOC charging adopts five safety protection measures, as well as a special, customized intelligent control chip. That chip controls the voltage, current, and temperature, to deliver a safe charging solution.

A customized battery safety monitoring chip also monitors whether the battery of your device is damaged by external forces. OPPO also enhanced temperature protection via 13 temperature sensors instilled in the phone. That minimizes the chance of overheating.


We presume that this 240W charging will use the same battery healing technology that the company is using in its 150W charging. OPPO is really pushing the boundaries to keep the battery healthy as long as possible.

GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology will also be a part of the pictures, as this 240W charger is not expected to be large. OPPO didn’t confirm this tidbit for 240W charging yet. We also don’t know when exactly will it appear in a phone, but we’ll keep you posted.