New Features Coming To Windows 11 Including Background Stickers

Windows 11 Everything You Need To Know

Windows 11 is still a developing platform, and it will be for a while. Microsoft is experimenting with new features to the software, and we got wind of some of those features to come. Windows 11 may be getting some background stickers and more changes.

These new Windows 11 features may include background stickers

Since the olden days, we’ve been able to change the background on our Windows computers, but we couldn’t really do much more than that. Now, Microsoft is working on a feature that may give us the ability to add some flair to the backgrounds.

According to @thebookisclosed on Twitter, Windows 11 could soon implement background stickers. These will be extra graphics you can add to your background to give you more customization options. The tweet didn’t show us the feature in action but we see the “add sticker” option in the screenshot.


You’ll be able to place these on the background, and they’ll exist as their own items. This means that they will stay even when you change the wallpaper. There are some limitations, however. You can’t place stickers if you have a slideshow as the wallpaper or if you’re using two monitors.

We’re not sure if those limitations will persist over time, as this is still in the early stages of development. Having these limitations will definitely cause some people to ignore the feature.

Focus Assistant is getting an overhaul

Focus Assistant is Windows’ way of blocking notifications while you’re trying to focus on your work. This feature is getting some changes starting with the name. It will simply be called “Focus.”


There will also be several functionality changes coming to the feature like granular controls. Right now, it’s set to automatically trigger during certain circumstances. With the changes, you’ll be able to set times for it to trigger using the Clock app.

Also, you are able to set it to mute notifications, disable the flashing taskbar icons, and hide the notifications in the taskbar. Not only that, but you’ll be able to schedule it using Outlook.

There will be a “Sustainability” page

Lastly, there will be a new page where you can customize your computer’s power consumption. A new sustainability page will be added to the software. There, you’ll be able to change them to help your computer save energy. There’s an “Eco Recommendations” option that will tweak your computer’s performance to get the most efficient battery usage.


There are advanced eco options that may let you fine-tune your power consumption options. We also see a tab under that which will tell you how to recycle your device properly.