Motorola Patents A Foldable Flip Phone That Bends Outwards

Motorola outward folding flip phone patent

While Motorola already has a foldable flip phone in the form of the Moto Razr, the company has patented another foldable flip phone. The main differentiator is that the foldable flip phone that is patented, bends outwards.

Motorola created a stir in the smartphone market with the announcement of its first foldable smartphone, the Moto Razr, back in 2019.

Although the smartphone was pretty unique, and there was nothing like it in the market at that time, thanks to its underwhelming specifications and over-the-roof pricing, the Moto Razr didn’t quite become a commercial success.


The lack of durability on flip phones, be it the Moto Razr or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, has always been a major concern for buyers. And now that Motorola has patented another foldable phone that flips outwards, it will be a thing to be seen.

According to the new patent, which was spotted on WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), the phone will flip outwards, instead of folding inwards.

This is a fresh new take on the flip phone category. Being a foldable phone, the device will sport a flexible screen that will be exposed with a hinge in the middle.


The new Motorola phone offers only a single camera module

Interestingly, Motorola has only offered a single camera module on this new foldable device. The camera module is housed on the upper half of the rear panel of the phone.

The module is raised and has a huge bump. Taking a look at the patent, it seems like this single-camera module will work as both the rear and front-facing camera. This makes sense because the screen on this device folds outwards.

Coming to the hinge on the phone, it seems like it contains a U-shaped curvature. Moreover, there is a gap between the pivot of the fold. All this looks similar to the recently launched OPPO Find N foldable phone.


OPPO also showcased a similar design, making the flexible screen go through a more gentle curvature, thus reducing folding creases in the long run.

Do note that this is just a patent and Motorola may or may not come up with a device like this. Besides, there is no way of confirming whether or not the company is working on such a device.

The company already has a Moto Razr foldable flip phone. So, if this device is released in the future, it will most likely be part of the Moto Razr family.