Thanks To Samsung, LumaFusion Is Coming To Android

Lumafusion logo

Samsung made a lot of exciting announcements during its Unpacked event, and one was the family of Galaxy Tab S8 devices. Not only did the company announce the premium hardware, but it also announced some great software to go on to the hardware. Samsung is bringing the popular video editor app LumaFusion to the Galaxy Tab S8.

LumaFusion is coming to the Galaxy Tab S8

Tablets hold a lot of powerful hardware, but the poor selection of tablet-grade apps stifles the experience. This affects Android tablets more than iPads, as most of the apps on Android are formatted for phones. Powerful video editors do exist for Android, but most of them don’t take advantage of the added screen real estate. They mostly exist to quickly string together a TikTok. This, however, makes Samsung’s announcement all the sweeter. The company announced that LumaFusion is coming to the Galaxy Tab S8.

LumaFusion is a really popular and professional-grade multi-track video editor that’s made for tablets. It started out as an iPad exclusive when it launched. However, the developer announced that an Android version will come soon. We knew about the Android version as far back as October 2021.

Right now, we don’t know when this app will officially launch, but we do know that it will drop during the first half of the year. LumaFusion will definitely make use of the Tab S8’s powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and high RAM.  A perk to being on the Galaxy Tab S8 is that LumaFusion could be used to edit 8K video. We will know more about this port when it gets closer to launch.


LumaFusion won’t only come to the Galaxy Store

LumaFusion’s developers gave us some more exciting news. The app will also arrive for Chrome OS in the near future, but we don’t know when that is. That’s great news for people who want a lightweight solution for video editing. Chrome OS seems like the perfect platform to run LumaFusion. We just don’t have word on what tech specs the program will require.

What about other Android devices?

LumaFusion coming to the Galaxy Store and Chrome makes us Android users happy. However, Samsung and the developer only mentioned the Galaxy Store and Chrome OS; they didn’t say anything about other Android stores. This could mean that non-Samsung tablets will be left out of the mix. It makes sense because the partnership exists to push Galaxy Tab S8 units. Other Android tablets might not get LumaFusion at all, unfortunately.