Now, Even LinkedIn Has A Podcast Network

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Several companies and social media platforms have delved into podcasts as a major form of content. Spotify made a HUGE push to build up its podcasting platform. Now, the next company to jump on the bandwagon is LinkedIn. According to Engadget, the popular business social media platform has introduced several podcast shows.

LinkedIn now has a podcast platform

LinkedIn is probably one of the best places to find your next job; it’s like Facebook for CEOs and business executives. You’re able to use your user profile as sort of a resume, post about your achievements, and interact with different people in different industries.

LinkedIn is a hub for those seeking jobs, and now, it’s a hub for those seeking podcasts. The company just debuted its new network of podcast shows that target business professionals and job seekers. These shows are hosted by notable figures in different industries. They aim to educate people on certain topics and give them tools to succeed in the world.


The idea for a podcast network came from the LinkedIn podcast called Hello Monday. In this podcast, Jessie Hempel talks about “the changing nature of work, and how that work is changing us.” This podcast is still available to listen to along with the new crop of shows.

What podcasts are there?

Right now, there are 12 podcasts that you can listen to from the LinkedIn podcast network. One show, called the “Big Technology Podcast”, talks about what goes on behind the big technology companies that make up the modern tech landscape. Veteran tech journalist Alex Kantrowitz hosts the podcast.

Another show is called “Brown Talk Table.” This show discusses tips and lessons that are meant to help women of color succeed in the business world. Dee Marshall and Mita Mallick, who themselves are women of color, host this podcast.


If you’re looking to get a new and better job, you might want to listen to “Get Hired.” In this podcast, Andrew Seaman talks about all sorts of ways that you can further progress in your industry. It will teach you how to land that promotion or get a new and better gig.

Sometimes, the best business is yourself. In the podcast “The Start-Up of You”, Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha use Silicon Valley practices to help you improve your own life. This is an interesting concept and should help inspire people to work on themselves along with their careers.

How to listen to the podcasts

If you want to listen to these podcasts, then you can find them here. They are available, primarily, on Apple Podcasts, but you can find them on other platforms. The list has only 12 shows now, but it should increase as time goes on.