The Beefiest Lenovo Y90 Gaming Phone Model Has Two Storage Drives

Lenovo Legion Y90 Phone

Lenovo has become a big player in the gaming phone market and its latest device, the Legion Y90, is poised to continue drawing attention thanks to one model having two storage drives. A new report from Engadget Chinese (via Engadget), states that Lenovo’s beefiest model of the Legion Y90 will come with RAID 0 storage.

This will be a combo storage/RAM setup that has an initial 512GB of flash storage, and an 18GB memory stripe that adds an additional 128GB of storage via SSD. Putting the total storage amount at a whopping 640GB. Nearly the same amount you get with a PS5.

The Legion Y90 having two storage drives is less crazy than you might think

For a smartphone, storage amounts of this size are virtually unheard of. But in today’s mobile gaming landscape, it’s not exactly surprising that someone would release a device of this scope. Mobile is the largest gaming platform globally and is the fastest growing platform to boot. Which has led many game studios to turn to mobile for AAA game releases in addition to PC and console.


And those games have gotten larger and larger, taking up more space. Pair that with all of the other things people store on their phones – photos, videos, documents, etc. – and it’s easy to see why 640GB of storage might be a little more necessary for some people.

The more important takeaway though is that the RAID 0 storage model will likely load games extremely fast. And that’s a huge benefit for any gamer. In addition to this model, Lenovo will also reportedly sell two other models of the device. One with 12GB of RAM and one with 16GB of RAM. Both of which have 256GB of storage space.

The rest of the specs sound just as impressive

While 18GB of RAM and 640GB of storage might sound great, Lenovo doesn’t stop there. The rest of the device’s specs are just as likely to impress mobile gaming enthusiasts. The device is reportedly coming with a 6.8-inch (FHD 1080p) display with a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1,300-nit brightness.


It’ll also be keeping the dual battery setup with a 5,600mAh battery split into two cells, as well as two USB-C ports for charging. Lenovo even includes a 68W GaN fast charger with the phone. Lenovo is expected to reveal this device officially on February 28.