Is Android The Ultimate Gaming Platform?

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Gaming is one of the most popular uses for smartphones, with more than half of the world’s smartphone owners having played at least one. And who can blame them, the amount of choice available is mind-blowing, with everything from simple puzzle games to console-esque first-person shooters. Mobile gamers can also access the plethora of slot, card, and table games offered by online casinos, and even take advantage of the many no-deposit free spin promotions to enjoy them without having to add money to an account.

Mobile gamers have two choices when it comes to which platform they play on – Android or iOS. Both are great, though many Android fans would argue that Google’s OS has a few additional advantages over Apple’s. But Android is much more than just a system for playing mobile games on. It may actually be the ultimate gaming platform.

Android is Versatile

Android is one of the most versatile operating systems on the planet thanks to its open-source nature, low overheads, and ARM support. Of course, most people will have experienced Android on their smartphone or tablet, but you can also find it running in TVs, cameras, media players, satellite navigation devices, and even refrigerators.
Gamers may have also come across Android-powered consoles with a multitude of different implementations, including for making emulation machines for playing retro titles. This means gamers can plug a low-cost, low-power-consumption box into their TV and enjoy thousands of console-quality titles from a single machine.


The most hardcore of mobile gamers can also invest in specialist gaming phones. These handsets contain the most powerful hardware on the market and are designed to squeeze every last drop of performance and graphics quality from a game. They also, typically, come with additional hotkeys and shoulder buttons to put all your game’s key functions at your fingertips.

Android is Cheap

If you want to play games on a console, you need at least $500. If you want an iPhone, the SE will cost you at least $399, though they’re a little harder to come by today, so you might have to fork out $499 for the iPhone 11. Alternatively, a gaming PC could set you back anywhere between $500 and $3,000.

Android, on the other hand, can be used for gaming for a fraction of this price. Some OnePlus handsets can be purchased for less than $300 while you can find Android consoles for as little as $100.


So, if you’re gaming on a budget, Android is definitely the way to go.

Android has Access to Nearly Every Game

The Google Play Store already contains around one million titles, but Android users have access to way more. Through various emulation tools, such as RetroArch and DOSBox, and streaming platforms like Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming Android gamers can access just about every game ever made.

With that in mind, Android really could be the ultimate gaming platform.