You Can Now Get The Honor GS 3 Smartwatch In Europe

Honor GS 3 Smartwatch

We know Honor as the former Huawei subsidiary that made inexpensive phones. The company still does that, but it also makes smartwatches. According to Wearble, Honor announced that it’s bringing its GS 3 smartwatches to Europe.

The Honor GS 3 smartwatch is now available in Europe

The Honor GS 3 was originally exclusive to the Chinese market, so it’s nice seeing it in Europe. Looking at this watch, its primary focus is on style with a suite of different health features thrown in. It doesn’t go for the minimalist smartwatch design that we saw with the OnePlus Watch or the Pixel Watch concepts. It has an accented border surrounding the display that resembles a traditional watch. The right side of the watch has two buttons, and there’s no rotating bezel to help navigate.

As for the specs, the display is a 1.43-inch AMOLED display at 466 x 466 resolution; this gives it a pixel density of 326 ppi. The watch runs on a 451mAh battery which keeps it powered pretty nicely. The Honor GS 3 has 32MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. This means that you won’t be able to download a lot of apps before running out of space.


This watch has a suite of different health sensors and services thrown, and they really do help. You get the classics like a heart rate monitor, and there are a lot more. Along with a step counter and a pulse oximeter, this watch also has over 100 sports modes.

As for the operating system, this watch uses LiteOS. This is what Huawei previously used for its watches before developing Harmony OS. LiteOS should run smoothly; however, it’ll be a bummer for those who are used to using Wear OS.

This watch has multiple color options

The Honor GS 3 watch will bring neat color options. Firstly, there’s the very elegant-looking gold color with the brown strap. If you want a sleeker look to your watch, you can opt for the Midnight Black color. Both the strap and the actual metal are black. Rounding out the list of colors, the Ocean Blue color has blue straps with silver metal. If you want to pick up one of these watches, they start at €229. That roughly translates to $256.


Honor GS 3 Watches three colors