HMD Launches Accidental Damage Protection Plans For Nokia Phones

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Maker of Nokia smartphones, HMD Global, has launched extended warranty and accidental damage protection plans for its phones in the United States. Unlike traditional warranty and protection plans, HMD Global offers these add-ons at a relatively lower price point.

The extended warranty pushes the device’s warranty from 12 months to 24 months, effectively covering your device for at least two years from the date of purchase. However, HMD notes that the extended warranty needs to be bought no longer than 90 days after purchasing the smartphone. The prices start from $9.90 and can go up to $29.00, depending on the Nokia device.

HMD lists a few scenarios that aren’t covered by the 12-month extended warranty. These include theft or loss of the device, accidental or liquid damage, cosmetic damages, to name a few.


HMD’s device protection plan covers accidental and liquid damage

The Nokia Device Protection plan is available in two plans – 14 months and 24 months. HMD says customers need to get either of these plans within 30 days of getting their smartphone.

Prices for the 14-month device protection plan range between $19 to $99, while the 24 months protection plan will set customers back by $24 to $189. While the device protection plans cover accidental and liquid damage, they won’t cover cosmetic damage, theft, or “damage due to negligence, gross misconduct or normal wear & tear,” as per HMD. You can find the complete list of exclusions for all plans on Nokia’s support page.

The Nokia extended warranty and device protection plans are only available in the U.S. Unfortunately, HMD didn’t divulge information on global availability.


HMD Global is responsible for bringing back Nokia from obscurity following the Microsoft debacle. More recently, HMD unveiled a slate of new devices, including a low-cost 5G smartphone known as the Nokia G400.

The manufacturer showcased a handful of 4G LTE smartphones during its CES 2022 presentation. Much to our surprise, the company launched the Nokia 2760 Flip with 4G connectivity on board. Unlike the other devices shown off in early January, this feature phone runs on the Linux-based KaiOS. HMD also unveiled three Android phones, namely the Nokia C100, C200, and G100. What makes these devices stand out is the fact that all four of them are priced at under $150.