Google Will Give The Google Phone Dialer A Proper Revamp

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Android 12 really shook up Android as we knew it, and it led Google to revamp most of its apps for Material You. The Google phone app got a revamp last year for this very reason. However, Google is going to bring further changes to this app and its visuals.

The Google Phone app will be getting another revamp

The majority of Google apps look really different from last year, as Google gave them all the Material You paint job. All of the buttons and UI elements are rounded and bubbly. Not only that, but they change colors to match the device’s wallpaper. Last year, Google did this to the Google Phone app, but the dialer didn’t really get a change. All of the numbers sit on a flat plane without any borders. It looks sleek, but the company wants to change things up a bit.

According to 9To5Google, the Google phone app will be getting yet another revamp, but only the dialer will get the major change. The folks at 9To5Google were able to enable the new update and see the new dialer. The main change is the addition of round borders around the numbers. They match up with what we’ve been seeing in Android 12 so far. The borders are large and bubbly.


When you tap on a number, you’ll see a subtle wave animation flow across the button. This animation causes the button to briefly change shape into a rounded rectangle. Whether this looks better is a matter of opinion, but overall, it looks more consistent with Android 12 as a whole.

In Other Android 12 News: Google is now accepting feedback for the Android 12L beta

Google has been testing out Android 12L for a few months now, and it’s getting ready to send out the official version. Before it can do that, it needs to compile feedback from the beta testers. Google has now opened the floodgates for feedback from its beta testers. For users to give feedback, they need to take the short survey that the company made available. In this survey, you’ll be asked basic questions about the experience as a whole.

The survey shouldn’t take more than about 10 minutes to complete. It’s highly recommended that you take the survey because it can alert Google to any issues you were having with the software. The final version of Android 12L should be coming out before the end of March.


Revamped Google Phone Dialer