Google Brings 'Journeys' To Chrome, Announces More 'Chrome Actions'

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Google has just announced some new additions to its Chrome browser, for both the web and Android versions. Chrome on the web is getting the ‘Journeys’ feature, while Chrome on Android will be getting more ‘Chrome Actions’, and some widgets.

Google brings the ‘Journeys’ feature to Chrome

Let’s start with the desktop, shall we. The ‘Journeys’ feature will allow you to “revisit past explorations grouped by topic’. This feature could come in handy if you get distracted while you were looking for something online.

You can simply type a related word into your search bar, and click on “Resume your research”. Alternatively, you can visit the Chrome History Journeys page. There, you’ll see a list of relevant sites you visited, so that you can continue your search.


Chrome Journeys feature

Google says that Journeys will take into account how much you’ve interacted with the site, so that the information is as relevant as it can be. You’ll also get some suggestions for relevant searches.

Google also wants you to know that you’re in control of this data. You’re always able to delete individual items or entire clusters of activity, if you choose to do so. You can even turn off Journeys completely, if that’s what you prefer to do.


Another thing to note is that Journeys only group history on your device, nothing is saved to your Google account. Google is, however, thinking of allowing you to access Journeys across multiple devices, just like you would bookmarks or passwords.

Do note that the Journeys feature is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Turkish.

More ‘Chrome Actions’ are coming, while new widgets have landed

Google didn’t forget about Chrome for Android. The company has announced more Chrome Actions are coming to its mobile browser. These actions will help you get things quickly via the Chrome address bar.


Chrome Actions were released a couple of years ago, but they’re about to become more useful than ever. Google was unclear on their availability, though, as the company simply said they’re “coming”.

The company also talked about Chrome widgets for Android. You can now start a text search, voice search, Lens search, or open an Incognito tab from your home screen. The company even made a shortcut to play the dino game, that you can place only our home screen.

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