Earning Money On The Go With Your Android Device

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50% of people spend between five or six hours on their smartphones every single day. And that doesn’t even include work-related use (when do we sleep, honestly?). Almost a quarter had spent three to four hours, not much shorter.

What do we do with this ‘extra’ time? Play games, endless scrolling on TikTok or Instagram, sending and receiving memes, the usual. But wouldn’t you rather spend a chunk of this time making a little bit of money instead?

We thought you would. In this guide, we’ll run you through five ways you can make money on your Android device.



Plenty of people know about this one already, but considering just how good it is, it’s definitely worth mentioning just in case. Swagbucks pays you cash money for things you are probably doing anyway: watching videos, buying things online, doing Google searches, and filling in a survey or two.

What we like about Swagbucks is that you can use your points to get your hands on gift cards from many popular retailers. We’re talking big hitters like Walmart, Amazon, Target, and a bunch of others. Of course, you can also swap your bucks for real money, but there’s just something about guilt-free shopping with a gift card!

Online Casinos

Now you may be wondering how gambling can make you extra cash. The house always wins, isn’t that what they say? Sure, that applies to about 99% of the population. That’s how online casinos make their money.


But you want to be part of that 1%, don’t you? This is how it’s done: use offers to the max. Welcome offers tend to be particularly generous, as companies pull out all the stops to entice new users. Likewise, online casinos are increasingly getting legalized all around the globe.

The choices are now fantastic for the consumer, especially throughout North America, whether it’s an Android app or a web-based solution. SuperSeven, for example, is an online casino Canada that offers players an abundant choice of games and enticing new bonuses and offers to take advantage of. Just be mindful, once you’ve gone through your initial bonus, to keep your eye on regular offers going forward.


Imagine getting paid to play video games. Mistplay makes it a reality. Running since 2017, it rewards users who spend their time testing games on their Android smartphones. Yes, it’s true, make money with your favorite hobby.


Instead of playing some lame free-to-play with a bunch of ads wasting your time, get on Mistplay. You can choose games from a list depending on your preferences, and you get ‘points’ for things like testing, playing, and downloading games.

Points can then be swapped for cash. 1500 = $5, easy conversion. It’s pretty simple to get that high, honestly. And not only that, the more you play, the more you earn.


If you liked the sound of Swagbucks, you’ll also love MyPoints. It’s a very similar premise. Available on both Android and, gulp, iOS (shudder at the name!), you can earn a few bucks an hour, easily. Your commute usually pays you nothing, right?


MyPoints does have more of an emphasis on earning rewards when you shop with partner websites. If you’re shopping anyway, why not get some points on top of it as well?

However, there are plenty of options to earn ‘free’ money. For example, by filling out surveys or answering polls. Don’t waste your time on polls created by influencers on Instagram, but earn some cash by using MyPoints instead!


This one is a little different from the others, and it highly depends on your trivia skills. If you’re usually the loser when you play Trivial Pursuit at your family Christmas party, it may be worth giving this one a miss.


However, if you’re a potential contestant for University Challenge, then HQ is right up your alley. It’s super high-paced, with players competing against each other to win cash prizes. You have just ten seconds to answer questions. Not for the faint-hearted.

The app puts you right in the middle of a game show, airing every single day. To have a shot at winning the big prize of the day, you need to answer twelve questions correctly. And trust us, some of them can be real toughies.

The top daily prize goes up to $5k, with Sundays being a little more generous; you can win $25k on the last day of the weekend. If you’re lucky, you can win a life-changing $400,000.


Don’t Quit Your Day Job!

Of course, don’t expect to make a living from your smartphone. All of these options are designed to take over ‘idle’ time; think commutes, sitting around in a queue, or waiting at the airport. It’s better to actually turn that wasted time into some actual cash!