Can You Learn How To Play The Guitar With Mobile Apps And Streaming Services?

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The guitar is a wonderful string instrument that lots of people all around the globe dream of learning. The acoustic guitar is just as popular as it was twenty years ago, and people of all ages are giving it a go.

However, learning the instrument can prove challenging, even if you have hired the best instructor in your area. If you are a newbie to the guitar, you might be finding the early stages difficult. The tips of your fingers are probably hurting, and mastering the basic chords might seem almost impossible. But before giving up, keep in mind that even the best guitarists on the planet all had to go through this stage. To get the hang of the instrument, you must stay focused and patient.

During the ongoing pandemic, people have learned how to play without having an instructor present. The internet is packed with software, guitar tutorials on popular streaming platforms, and other useful content that allows people to learn.


1. Download a Tuning App

If you have invested in a guitar with a pre-installed tuner, or if you have bought a separate tuner, try to learn to tune it without using the device.

Although tuners can help keep your guitar in tune, what happens if you want to play a guitar that is out of tune and you don’t have your trusty tuner on hand? Or perhaps your tuner runs low on battery and it is unable to function?

Learning to tune the guitar is easy, but it takes a little getting used to. There are several tuning videos uploaded to streaming platforms like YouTube. Once you understand the technique, you should be able to tune a guitar easily in a matter of minutes, even if you are replacing all the strings on the instrument.


There are several tuners available for Android and Apple smart devices which you should consider downloading as backup. Even well-known guitar manufacturers like Fender released a tuning app a few years ago.

2. Learn songs that you like on YouTube

Find songs on streaming services that you enjoy listening to. If you are streaming tutorials, and you don’t enjoy the songs the person in the video is playing, then try to find a song that motivates you to learn.

3. Hire an online instructor

There are several reputable guitar instructors all around the globe educating their students online. During the ongoing pandemic there has been a huge decrease in the number of people enrolling in in-person guitar classes. To help reduce the spread of covid-19, instructors are providing their services online.


With thousands of guitar teachers to choose from, you are bound to find an instructor that you like. Some even offer a free trial period, so you can see what their classes are like before spending your hard-earned money.

If you can’t afford these online subscriptions, there are several inexpensive or free apps that are available to help beginners learn how to play. The popular guitar app is available on iOS and Android devices.

4. Find songs and chords online

Some folks opt to learn the guitar without spending a penny on instructors. There are several websites out there that will help you learn chords for guitar songs.


In the past, if you wanted music sheets, you would have had to buy a book from a music store. These books don’t come cheap, and trying to find music that you want to learn won’t be easy because of the limited amount of books available in the store. You should have no problem finding tons of chords, riffs, and tabs online for almost any song that has been released.

When starting out, learning the basic chords is of vital importance. Don’t expect to begin your guitar journey playing complicated riffs, instead, you will probably start out with the Em, C, and G chord guitar. If you don’t have an instructor to show you what to do, you will be able to find videos, images, and other content online.

5. Subscribe to an online guitar course

Whatever level you’re at, you are bound to find an online course that suits you. Some of the best teachers in the world provide online guitar courses. Here are some of the benefits to signing up to an annual or monthly guitar course on the internet:

  • Save money: If you hire a guitar instructor in your local area, you can expect to pay top dollar. You can find an annual subscription online that will cost you approximately $150 for an entire year!
  • You can re-watch them: If you are struggling to remember all the information the instructor gave you during your in-person lesson, you won’t be able to have the same class again. When you sign up for a subscription, you will be able to rewatch the videos or listen to the classes again and again until you are confident.
  • Take the classes whenever it suits: Trying to fit a guitar class into your busy schedule might not be possible. However, you can take online guitar classes whenever you please, and if you have a smart device with an internet connection you can watch the guitar class anywhere in the world.

Before investing in a subscription, make sure the course is not too advanced. Most courses allow potential pupils the chance to watch a demo version of the course before buying the subscription. Also, check to see if others have posted reviews about the instructor and the course online.

6. Take your time

As mentioned before, patience is key to learning the guitar. Although apps and online tutorials can help you learn, it might take longer to figure out the basics.

Focus on getting good at basic strumming techniques, and make sure that your fingers are in the correct position. Some beginners focus on speed, but accuracy is much more important.


Changing between chords and strumming or fingerpicking at the same time is not going to be easy, but with plenty of practice you will be able to master it. Once you get the hang of the technique, you will be able to focus on your speed.

If you start out with a poor technique, or putting the wrong fingers in the wrong positions, you might find it hard to change the technique down the line. Play slowly, and overtime you will be able to play faster.

Apps like Guitar Strum that are available for Android devices will teach you basic strumming techniques. However, there are tons of quality apps on



When it comes to playing the guitar, it’s important that you practice regularly. If you only practice with your instructor, don’t expect to improve quickly. Dedicate at least thirty minutes everyday to playing the guitar in a room where you won’t get distracted. Most people who give up quit after a few lessons. Try your best to stick with it, and if you are focused you will be able to get past the initial stage.

Learning the guitar is not only about playing nice music, but it can help you make new friends, join bands and encourage you to create your own music. It’s an exciting instrument to learn, so do whatever it takes to get past the first stage.