The 5 Benefits Of Time Clock Apps

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Time is literally of the essence when you’re a business owner, and that’s why so many are looking for the right tool. Having a digitized time clock app can offer your employees certainty and provide you the all-important information about what’s really happening in your business.

Below we’ll examine how a time clock app can do wonders for your business.

The 5 Benefits of Time Clock Apps

1. Simplify Payroll

When you are not digitized, you leave yourself not only a huge potential margin of error, but it can also lead to both sides feeling wronged, leading to arguments over how many hours were worked, and therefore how much pay is due. As an employer, you’ll likely have to rummage through a range of hand-written records, Excel spreadsheets, or even rely on what our employees have reported. Yet, all of these options could be leaving you out of pocket.


It’s also easy to forget to note down absences, and then filling out timesheets manually becomes a challenging task. However, when you have a system that you can add absences you avoid all those issues.

Unfortunately, there’s even more than this to worry about. If you’re thinking that “five minutes here and there” doesn’t really cost you much, when you look at the statistics you will think again. Businesses lose $373m each year due to buddy punching. But all is not lost: you can easily find a digital tool that can be your eyes and ears, without you having to even get involved.

2. The Right Tools

When you know what you’re up against, having the right tool can make all the difference. An employee time clock app such as Connecteam can help you run your business more efficiently. Buddy punching and time theft will no longer be an issue since Connecteam offers you GPS geofencing. Simply add a location from where you’d like employees to clock in and out from, and wave goodbye to those “extra 5 minutes” of work time. With built-in GPS breadcrumbs location tracking, you can locate your employees wherever they might be, and follow their route (while they’re clocked in) even from your smartphone app.


By having their hours digitized, your employees will also feel more in control (and therefore more honestly self-report) how many hours they have worked. They will also know that they are being paid fairly. You can even choose to set your employees’ work hours, so no overtime is reached.

You can even customize the app to send reminders for employees to clock in and out, and lock the timesheet at the end of the day, preventing any last-minute changes from your employees.

With all the information you need for payroll available on a digital timesheet, there’s no need to struggle with calculations and other paperwork, giving you hours back of your day. Both you and your employees can view current and past timesheets, making payroll effortless, quick and 100% accurate.


If your workers need to be on-site, (for example across the retail, healthcare, and construction industries), the Kiosk App allows workers to clock in and out via a tablet, meaning they don’t even need to have their smartphone on tem to clock in (and won’t be able to clock in from anywhere but the Kiosk).

Connecteam is so dynamic and is customizable, it’s suitable for any business. We’ve only touched on the very basics that the app can offer your business in terms of business and employee management – other awesome features to check out include scheduling, task management, cross-organizational communication, engagement and so much more.

3. Utilize Time Better

As a business owner, you know that your time is everything. Therefore, implementing a time clock can help you get the most of your working day. You can learn how long tasks are actually taking your employees to do, and can even distribute work evenly among workers.


4. Improved Schedules

If your business has busy periods during the day, tracking times can assist you in creating better schedules. When you manually track time, you can’t always be sure if your employees are clocking out late due to being busy, or they request from you to leave early as there is no trade. However, when you digitally track time, you can understand when your busiest periods are and schedule more staff.

Having clarity when it comes to the workload is a winner for both you and your staff. You wouldn’t want your staff waiting around unnecessarily with nothing to do (while you pay them).

5. Provide Good Feedback

By implementing a time clock app, you can begin to reward your employees for their efforts. As the hours are tracked, you can see who’s pushing themselves and who might be less productive, and reward any deserving employees accordingly. Those employees will then feel valued and will keep putting the effort in.


The Bottom Line on Time Clock Apps

From the above, we can see that time clocks can do so much for your business than just keep track on time. Once you begin using a time clock app you can utilize your time better and encourage your staff to keep performing, it’s a win-win situation.