You Can Use Alexa To Adjust The Weights On These Dumbbells


Technology helps us do a lot of things, and one thing it helps us with is fitness. iFit is a popular fitness brand, and it’s no stranger to using technology to help you pump the old iron. According to Cision, the iFit NordicTrack can use Alexa to adjust the weight for its dumbbells.

You can use Alexa for hands-free interaction with the iFit NordicTrack

If you have a full workout regimen, then you’ve probably used a variety of different weights during a workout. For most people, it can be tedious manually adjusting the weights on adjustable dumbbell sets. This is where the iFit NordicTrack uses Alexa for the better.

As you may know, Alexa is a full-fledged voice assistant developed by Amazon. The NordicTrack can be controlled by an Alexa-enabled device to actually adjust the weights on the dumbbells. iFit touts this as the first voice-operated set of dumbbells that work with Alexa.


The NordicTrack dumbbells don’t resemble typical dumbbells you see all around. The actual weights on the dumbbells are flat slabs, and they fit into slots on the actual bar. They all sit in a large tray, and that tray will do all the work for you.

You simply have to summon Alexa and say what weight you want the dumbbells set to. For this to work, you need to have a device that’s compatible with Alexa and you need the NordicTrack to be connected to Wi-Fi to work. If you don’t have any of those things, you can still manually adjust the weights.

So, what else does this device offer?

While the Amazon Alexa integration is really great, there are still other neat features with the iFit NordicTrack. You have a large range of weight with each dumbbell; between 5lb and 50lb for each one. You can adjust them in increments of 5lb.


The actual 5lb slabs are squared off for better stability with ground-based workouts. That’s a good safety precaution, and another safety precaution is the knurled bars for a better grip.

On the weight tray, there’s a dedicated tablet holder in case you want to watch a workout. You, obviously, want to know just how much weight you’re picking up, so the tray has a digital display that shows the current weight.

How much does this cost?

To speak plainly, the iFit NordicTrack does cost a pretty penny, relatively speaking. It’s not as expensive as some of the workout equipment out there, however. If you want to pick up this set, it’ll set you back $429. If that hasn’t swayed your decision, you can head over to the Amazon Store and purchase it.