You Can See When Someone Deletes Their Message in Google Chat

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In most chatting apps, you get some sort of feedback when a person reads your message. Now, Google is working on a feature that does the same thing but when people delete a message. According to a Google blog post, in Google Chat, you will be able to see when a person in the conversation deletes a message.

You’ll see when someone deletes a message in Google Chat

Google has introduced a lot of different services in the past, but not all of them survived long enough to make it to the mainstream. This definitely goes for the myriad of different messaging apps that the company made. Remember Google Allo, Google Hangouts, Google Wave, or Google Talk? These were all attempts by the company to create a unique Google-powered chatting experience.

While those ships have sailed (and sunk) Google Chat seems to be the one that’s sticking around. It’s an interesting chatting service with the Google aesthetic slapped on. Google Chats brings its own set of different features, and now there’s another one to throw on the pile.


A new update is rolling out to Google Chat that will let users in a conversation know when another user deletes a message. In the actual chat, when a person deletes a message, a chat will appear saying that the message was deleted by the author. When a message is deleted, both the content of the message and the replies will be deleted. Also, this only applies to unthreaded messages.

This feature is rolling out now

In the report, it says that this Google Chat feature is set for rapid release. The rollout officially started today, and it will be taking place over the next couple of weeks. If you don’t see the feature right away, then you’re going to need to wait a bit.

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