Verizon To Add A Data Cap To Its Ultra Wide Band Hotspot

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A lot of our lives are governed by whether there’s an internet connection to use. This is why unlimited data plans are all the rage, but it looks like Verizon will be getting rid of its own. The company told PCMag that, starting later this month, the carrier will be adding a data cap to users on its mmWave 5G hotspot plans.

Verizon users on the mmWave 5G hotspot plans will have a data cap

People on Verizon’s fast internet plans were enjoying unlimited data thus far. This means that they could use as much of the company’s mmWave 5G as they wanted. The company’s mmWave network allowed phones to access as much as 800MHz of data at once.

With the company moving its plans to the C-Band, things are going to change. C-Band includes only 60MHz for right now, and this means that there are going to be some cutbacks. When these new plans take off, Verizon customers will have a 50GB data cap for hotspots.


This will happen across the board, so it will affect both new and existing customers. The 50GB data limit might not be a big deal for casual users. However, those who do a lot of business that requires internet will be affected.

What is C-Band?

There are many flavors of 5G out in the wild, and they have their own wavelength ranges. While most average users just refer to it as 5G, it’s a bit more complicated than that. Two of the main version of 5G we know about are sub-6 and mmWave 5G, the latter being a preferred flavor.

A newer type of 5G is called C-Band. This band is said to be between about 4GHz and 8GHz. This might be new for 5G, but this band was actually used for satellite television back in the 1970s. It seems that the actual 5G internet will use a small section of this band (between 3.7GHz and 4.2GHz according to PCMag).


In Other Verizon News: Verizon is bringing 5G Ultra Wideband to 100 million people this month

This last bit of news ties everything together in a way. Verizon announced at CES that it’s going to be bringing Ultra Wideband 5G to over 100 million customers before the month is out. This is big for the company as it’s been trailing behind T-Mobile in terms of coverage.

This ties everything together because it’s not bringing its mmWave 5G to 100 million people. Instead, those people are going to be getting the C-Band network. We don’t know the exact date when these changes are going to take place, but it will be in the next couple of weeks.