Verizon Brings A Third Of Its Customers Onto 5G Plans

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5G technology has been making some major gains in the years since it first launched. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon are working to be the top 5G provider in the country, so they always show off when they reach a new conversion milestone. According to CNET, a third of Verizon’s customers are now on 5G plans.

A third of Verizon’s customers are on 5G plans

Based on the most up-to-date metrics, T-Mobile is the king of 5G coverage. AT&T is in 2nd place and Verizon is bringing up the rear. While this may be true, Verizon is still celebrating the latest news it got from its latest quarterly report. According to the report, about a third of the company’s customers are on a 5G plan.

The report revealed that the company added about 667,000 customers to new postpaid mobile plans. That number was broken down and it shows that about half of them (about 336,000) were phones. Around 369,000 of the new additions were other 5G-enabled devices. However, the company lost about 38,000 customers in the tablet department.


There wasn’t only growth in the mobile market. When it comes to home internet, the company also made some notable gains. Verizon was able to add on about 78,000 new home wireless plans which is a nice boost. When it comes to wired connections, it added on about 51,000 connections. This is significant because wired connections usually pull better numbers than wireless connections.

Who’s winning the 5G race?

Every carrier boasts some sort of prowess in the market. T-Mobile is rather ostentatious about touting its coverage. Because it acquired Sprint, the company was able to gain a lot of ground in the coverage department, covering about 54% of the nation. AT&T is in second place with about 30% and Verizon is far behind with under 13% of the nation covered.

However, on the other side of the coin, T-Mobile has been dragged for its poor connection speed and reliability; this is where Verizon shines. Verizon has been raised as having the fastest speed. When it comes to its millimeter-wavelength network, it was able to reach speeds of over 2Gbps.


Just looking at those metrics, it’s easy to see that when choosing either T-Mobile or Verizon, you’ll be getting one of two extremes. You’ll either get better coverage or better speeds. However, AT&T seems to be the monkey in the middle, being 2nd in terms of both speed and coverage.

For a lot of people, it ultimately comes down to price. Each company has its own prices for the plans and perks. Verizon is offering a subscription to Google Play Pass if you sign up for one of their 5G plans. On the other hand, T-Mobile offers free Netflix.