Ulefone Power Armor 14 Handles Durability Tests Like A Champ: Video

Ulefone Power Armor 14 durability tests

The Ulefone Power Armor 14 got submitted to a number of durability tests by the company. Ulefone actually published a video on YouTube showing those tests. The video is quite short, actually, it has a duration of less than two minutes. You can check it out below the article, as that’s where it’s embedded.

The Ulefone Power Armor 14 handles a set of durability tests like a champ

The first test shows the phone being put in a bowl that gets filled up with water. Following that, it is being placed in the freezer. After 24 hours, the phone is frozen solid. That didn’t affect its performance, though. It actually continued operating through the ice.

Ulefone’s employee also decided to take that block of ice outside, and drop it from a considerable height. The ice shattered, but the phone was just fine, and it still worked.


The next test sees the Ulefone Power Armor 14 thrown down a set of stairs. Most phones would crack, but not this one. The device also handled a pressure washer, and being dropped at a construction site.

The last test sees the phone dropped in a pool. The Ulefone Power Armor 14 is obviously a rugged smartphone. This handset is not only IP68/IP69K certified, but it also comes with MIL-STD-810G certification. In other words, not only does it handle being splashed with water, and submerged under water really well, but it can be tossed around as well.

A huge battery is included, along with fast charging

The device includes a huge 10,000mAh battery, along with 18W wired, and 15W wireless charging. A 20-megapixel main camera is included, and a 6.52-inch fullHD+ main display.


The MediaTek Helio G35 SoC fuels this phone, while Ulefone included 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage. There is a fingerprint scanner on the side, while the phone supports facial scanning as well.

There are two SIM card slots included here, while Android 11 comes pre-installed. The phone even has a physical custom key on the left side. You can set it to do whatever you want, basically.

The Ulefone Power Armor 14 is now priced at $219.99 (down from $249.99), in case you’re interested. We’ve included a purchase link below.


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