Two Officers Fired For Playing Pokemon Go On The Job

Pokémon GO Raid From Home

How far would you go for rare Pokemon on Pokemon Go? Well, two police officers went straight to the unemployment line for them. According to BBC News, two police officers were fired after choosing to play Pokemon Go rather than catching a criminal.

The two officers were playing Pokemon Go instead of doing more important things

We’re no strangers to nutty news stories with Pokemon Go as the lede; this one is no different, to be honest. Two Los Angeles police officers, Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell had received a call on the radio to stop a robbery happening at a nearby Macy’s store.

Another officer, Captain Davenport was close to the scene and could see the Macy’s store. He also saw Lozano’s and Mitchell’s car parked in an alley close to the scene. Shortly after the call, he saw the car drive off away from the store. Davenport responded to the call instead.


The two were caught red-handed

After the incident at Macy’s was over, the two officers were confronted, but they denied the accusation that they ignored the call. The officers said that they didn’t actually hear the call; however, their in-car camera begged to differ.

The entire shebang was recorded in both audio and video formats. Reviewing the recordings revealed that the officers did hear the call and chose to ignore it in lieu of catching a Snorlax. That Pokemon is, apparently, a rare find in the game.

Their playing session lasted for about 20 minutes while Davenport was responding to the robbery. When Lazano and Mitchell were accused of playing the game, they denied that too. However, looking at the footage revealed that they were, indeed, playing Pokemon Go.


Both officers were seen playing the game, and the audio recording revealed that their conversation was centered around the game. “The guys are going to be so jealous,” Mitchell remarked. Well, I’m not sure the guys are jealous now.

When pressed about this comment, Mitchell told the department that he was reading a text message that a friend sent him. The footage, however, could not be denied.

These two are officers no more

After the dust settled, both of the officers were let go. All of the evidence pointed to both of the officers choosing to play a game instead of doing their jobs. It’s a good thing that it was just a robbery that the officers ignored. There’s no telling just how bad the situation could have gotten.