TRUiC Announces A New Advanced QR Code Generator

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Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) have had a rise in popularity in 2021, with a 94% surge in the number of interactions. It seems as though this growth is nowhere near stopping, as it has been projected that 1 billion smartphones will access QR codes in some form or shape by 2022, which is not surprising considering the worldwide use of smartphones is steadily increasing each year.

With the increase in technology and the need for convenience in a day and age that is moving towards the digital sphere and E-commerce, QR Codes have become a mainstay in society due to all of the possibilities. Many businesses use QR codes to expand their services as customers can pay using QR codes, or they can view websites and important notices easily with the click of a button.

Seeing as small businesses need to do whatever it takes to keep up with fast-moving times, it would be advisable for entrepreneurs and small business owners to take note of QR codes and all of their benefits. Thankfully, there are simple steps to follow to generate a QR code for your business, such as turning to the TRUiC QR Code generator.


How do QR Codes Work?

Smartphones are needed to scan QR codes, which is a type of two-dimensional matrix barcode. Consisting of black squares that are arranged in a specific order on a white background, QR codes can only be read and processed by imaging devices such as a phone camera. Once the code is properly interpreted, that data inside the code can direct you to a website, digital form, article, and more.

Barcode technology requires a barcode reader to be enabled on a smartphone, which is usually standardized nowadays. You’ll find that most new smartphones can automatically read QR codes with no hassles. Each QR code is slightly different, and the size of the code is proportional to the size of what it will direct you to.

Why Are QR Codes Important For Businesses and How Do They Use Them?

With so many small businesses competing for a similar target audience, small changes in marketing and the way your business operates can shift the tides in your favor. QR codes can create many great opportunities for small businesses seeking recognition online.


Promoting Your Business Website

A simple scan of a QR code can grant you access to a website, without going through the extra work of finding and inputting a tedious URL. This gives customers no excuse, as it provides a simple way for them to access your business which contains all the important information pertaining to your business.

Staying In Contact With Customers

QR codes allow for more customer interaction as they can create a direct line of communication with customers. Email addresses, phone numbers, and business cards can be accessed with the scan of a QR code, allowing customers to have simple access to important information. Social media pages and physical locations of the business can also be found with QR codes.

Using QR Codes When Shopping and Making Sales

Using QR codes in your business operations opens up the opportunity for variety in the way transactions are handled. Customers can scan QR codes to make purchases, creating ease and convenience when shopping in-store or online. QR codes can provide customers with discounts and promos or you can provide customers with shopping lists or menus with QR codes.


Applications relating to your business can also be downloaded with QR codes, giving customers a quick and efficient way to have access to all areas of your trade.

Generating a QR Code For Your Own Business

As QR codes rise in popularity and many businesses use them to their advantage, entrepreneurs who are starting out might be wondering how they can generate a QR code for their business.

Luckily, TRUiC has announced a new and advanced free QR code generator, which could give small businesses an opportunity to make a mark both offline and online.


TRUiC free QR code generator

TRUiC Free QR Code Generator

TRUiC seeks to help small businesses grow, and the way in which they do this is by providing valuable tools and resources that use intelligent software and technology to give small businesses a technical advantage.

How To Create a QR Code With The TRUiC Generator

Ease and simplicity are at the core of TRUiC, as they create systems with some of the best AI software to allow for a streamlined process.


The first step is deciding on a type of QR code that you would like to create, these contain but are not limited to:

  • URL Code- connecting users to a website
  • Virtual Business Card- connecting users to a business card containing contact information
  • Phone/Email QR Code- scanning a QR code that allows the user to send a text or email
  • Social Media QR Codes- connecting users to a social media page

Once this is completed, you need to fill in the required information in the “Enter Content” area and you can customize the foreground and background colors of your QR code to align with your company image. You need to add and upload a logo and then you will need to customize the weight and style of your barcode.

Once all of these simple steps are followed, you can create, download, and save your QR code which has your logo and personalized touch. It will be ready to send out to your customers.


Final Takeaway

The digital age is becoming more and more prevalent, and QR codes are an easy and great way to allow your business to have a good online presence that can be accessible to so many customers. The TRUiC free QR code generator is exactly what is needed by entrepreneurs looking to start a small business that can have an effective market and sales strategies in a world filled with so much competition.