TP-Link Expands Portfolio With Smart Home Security For CES 2022

TP Link Camera presser for CES 2022 from TP Link via CNET

TP-Link has long been known to provide some of the best networking equipment around and, just in time for CES 2022, it’s trying its hand at smart home security. That’s based on recent reports stemming from announcements made by the company in conjunction with the annual event.

In total, the company is launching no fewer than four smart cameras, two security sensors, and a smart home security hub. And each device is, in fact, aimed squarely at the North American market.

Details are still slim with regards to TP-Link smart home security products

Exactly what each of those products will be, remains less certain. At least, as of this CES 2022 announcement and exact details for any individual home security product from TP-Link. For now, the company has only revealed a very basic outline. There will be, for instance, an outdoor security camera on offer, as well as a floodlight camera.  A wireless version of the outdoor camera will be available as well.


For inside the home or business, TP-Link also plans a new indoor camera. That will come with pan and tilt features.

TP-Link will additionally be launching a set of motion sensors. Specifically, those will be for doors and windows. And, bringing everything together more cohesively, the company plans to sell an alarm-enabled hub.

Pricing is expected to be lower-than-average

Now, the cost of TP-Link products tends to span the gamut. And the announcement of TC-Link security equipment may not be as exciting on its face as some other devices revealed by the company. But its previous forays into the smart home segment of the market in the Americas have tended toward the budget segment. So, while no pricing or availability — beyond the region — details have been revealed as of this writing, that is expected to be on the more affordable side here as well.