Tineco Reveals ‘World’s First’ Smart Carpet Cleaner At CES 2022

Tineco CARPET ONE Smart Carpet Cleaner

CES 2022 has shown us a wide variety of products and services, including smart home appliances. Tineco is taking this opportunity to launch what it claims is the “world’s first smart carpet and upholstery cleaner,” known as the CARPET ONE.

The manufacturer said the CARPET ONE is easy to use and while also assisting in cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as stairs. The company offers a stain remover tool and an additional hose to clean remote regions of your home.

Tineco’s CARPET ONE offers 130AW of suction coupled with 1300W motor power. Tineco said this carpet cleaner also comes with iLoop Smart Sensor Technology. This can detect the messiest parts of the floor/carpet and generate the appropriate suction and water accordingly. Meanwhile, the onboard LED screen notifies users when the surface is spotless.


The company is also launching a “PRO” version of the CARPET ONE

Tineco is also launching the CARPET ONE PRO with an “advanced” LCD screen for animations. The manufacturer’s lineup also includes the iCARPET, which is a smaller unit solely meant for cleaning carpets.

In terms of features, the CARPET ONE series features a humidity sensor that can detect “dampness in real-time,” while the onboard “DrynessMeter” notifies users of the dryness level through the LED screen. The carpet cleaner also has a heating panel to ensure the water temperature stays high during the cleaning cycle.

The built-in PowerDry Technology reduces drying time to 30 minutes or fewer. This tech uses a combination of suction and hot air to dry out carpets pretty quickly. Tineco’s press release didn’t offer pricing or availability information for the CARPET ONE. The company’s website doesn’t mention the newly launched smart carpet cleaner either.


Regardless, this new carpet and upholstery cleaner is among some of the notable announcements of CES 2022. Over the past few days, we’ve seen announcements from companies like Samsung, Razer, BMW, and even Amazon. The e-commerce giant is currently in the process of bringing Fire TV to cars in the form of Fire TV for Autos.

Separately, BMW’s newly unveiled widescreen rear-passenger entertainment system known as Theatre Screen will also run Fire TV by default. Although the German carmaker didn’t say when this entertainment system would be available, we know it will be included within BMW’s My Modes section.